Hewlett-Packard - Other Hardware - psc 1200 (DOT4USB) 80070103

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Buddacow, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Buddacow

    Buddacow Guest

    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium.
    Windows update tells me I have this optional update:
    Hewlett-Packard - Other Hardware - psc 1200 (DOT4USB)

    But when I try to install it I get this error code:

    I realize that with non-windows drivers, it is better to update them through
    the manufacturer. But according to HP, I do not need an update since all
    drivers for this particular printer are pre installed in vista. So why does
    Vista show an update available? I could of course just hide this update but
    the inconsistency seems indicative of a larger problem.
    Buddacow, Dec 2, 2007
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  2. It is plausible that Microsoft is correcting an issue in their driver that
    was included in Vista... Since the manufacturer decided to pretty much dump
    support for the device (obviously) however - you may want to consider a new
    device anyway. ;-)


    0x80070103 - If it is a driver then the driver you are trying to install is
    already installed or you're trying to install an older driver.
    It is my personal opinion that all drivers should be obtained from the
    manufacturer's site rather than from Windows Update.

    Windows Update error 80070103

    Error message when you try to upgrade a computer to Windows Vista: "This
    computer does not have enough space for temporary files. Error code
    Shenan Stanley, Dec 2, 2007
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  3. Buddacow

    muffet Guest

    Hi Buddacow,

    I also run Vista Premium with HP hardware.

    I had your problem on the 10/06/07 when I was offered three HP updates;
    Two downloaded ok but the (DOT 4USB) would not load, in all I tried three
    times to no avail.

    In the end I hid it, as of today I have had no ill effects;
    ? Why fix something that is not broken?
    muffet, Dec 2, 2007
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