Hey Microsoft, Is it at all possible you can get a simple CD/DVD to work?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by VistaHelpRequested, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Why is it that you cannot get a simple CD/DVD interface to work
    WITHOUT asking that one FORMAT a BLANK disk WHEN IT ISN'T????

    How can you charge for this SHIT?
    VistaHelpRequested, Sep 24, 2008
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  2. Maybe because you don't know what the **** you are doing. It seems like you
    are way to stupid to run Vista. Contact Alias our resident Ubuntu douche
    bag and he will help your sorry ass out.
    Spanky D. Monkey, ESQ, Sep 24, 2008
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  3. VistaHelpRequested

    NoMail Guest

    One thing about USENET -- it's full of assholes who have nothing
    better to do than make stupid responses. In your case it must be a
    genetic defect that you obviously inherited from your parents;
    undoubtedly both of them, perhaps while they were residing in a mental

    In the meantime -- **** YOU JAGOFF!
    NoMail, Sep 24, 2008
  4. Don't try and pass off your family troubles here in vista land. So you
    think the OP's use of foul language is OK you Jerking JAGOFF?
    Bill M. Yannaire, Sep 24, 2008
  5. VistaHelpRequested

    Ringmaster Guest

    Again Yanaire shows no self-control or maturity. A often repeated
    Ringmaster, Sep 24, 2008
  6. VistaHelpRequested

    Frank Guest

    That would be you ringbastard. You and your big fat pompous arrogant
    stupid mouth have been out of control from day one.
    Oh and btw, does your real last name begin with an h or g?
    Frank, Sep 24, 2008
  7. Hey you geriatric retard, shall I post some more of your moronic posts with
    foul language? That will show your lack of self-control and lack of
    maturity. So often a repeated pattern. Let me know and I will be happy to
    post again.

    And that is a big fucking Just FYI
    Bill M. Yannaire, Sep 24, 2008
  8. VistaHelpRequested

    Ringmaster Guest

    I love it when assholes like Yanaire prove what I say about them.
    Ringmaster, Sep 24, 2008
  9. Ringmaster is complaining about how MVP's and fanboys always attack people
    exposing Vista flaws. How about Ringmaster attacking everyone who has a
    different opinion than him. Here is an example of some of the posts that
    Ringmaster has "penned" over the last day or two.

    Now tell yourself, who is the bully here?

    -------------------------BELOW ARE RINGMASTER'S
    REMARKS ----------------------------

    Frank again shows why is known far and wide as a idiot.

    1. He can't argue a point, he doesn't even try.
    2. He's a foul mouth little butt kisser.
    3. He's stupid as the day is long.
    4. He's in Microsoft's back pocket and a unpaid stooge.
    5. He's a pathological liar.

    Now who are people more likely to believe?

    All anyone has to do is use Google to look up Frank's revolting
    posting history to confirm what I just said.

    Slam dunk.

    Got you again dumb shit. Exposing Frank as the idiot he is is fun.

    Tell it to Frank, jackass.

    Not required, but typical source of the noise here followed closely by
    MVP's. The undisputed FACT is every time the idiot Frank shuts his yap
    for awhile the newsgroup is relatively quite and almost functions like
    a normal newsgroup. Not a bit surprising you like all the other
    gutless MVPs never challenge Frank no matter how foul his mouth gets.
    Guess you're afraid of the little shit. How pitiful for you.

    Hey fool, I OWN your shit encrusted ass. Everybody sees that. I make
    you jump by just snapping my fingers. I own you totally. You're all
    mine to play with. My very own little play thing. I make you bitch. I
    make you squeal. I make you show yourself as the piece of shit you
    are. I know how to push your buttons. You obey on my command.

    Meet Frank, the perfect toy. Push it, step on it, slap it around and
    it bounces right back like one of those punch dolls. It never learns.
    It's stupid, damn is Frank stupid. If keeps lying and everyone knows
    it is lying but he can't stop. Punch Frank in the face, he squeals.
    Kick him in his dumb ass he just yells. Present facts and he runs away
    or crawls on his belly. What a loser. I own this moron.

    Look at the idiot Frank going bonkers. What a psycho asswipe loser!

    Us "trolls" need to stick together so we get the facts out. That
    always makes the fanboys pissy. Being called a troll by the morons
    should be considered a compliment since everyone knows who's telling
    the truth and who's always lying their asses off.

    Say Frank, I bet if you practice hard you can stand on one leg and
    still piss. Get back to us once you're able to do that for 10 seconds
    without falling down or getting yourself wet.

    FACTS Frank? Where are they in your above rant?

    What's that, some little shit stain like you doesn't deal in facts and
    only spews shit out of his big fat mouth? Well yes, we know.

    Everybody laugh at Frank, this NG's biggest putz.

    Lets see... I read Frank's above bluster twice just to be sure. Not
    one word offering proof of what he constantly babbles. Guess that
    makes Frank a fucking asshole, moron, fuckwit and putz.

    I own your shit encrusted ass Frank. Now get back to dancing your
    stupid jig for our amusement little man.

    Well asshole, got any FACTS to back up your assertions? No? Well
    golly, what else is new, you stupid old fool.

    Damn, I like making a total fool out of Frank. It's my hobby to expose
    him and every other asshole that posts here as the idiots they are.

    Now little man, you want to drag out that "properly install and
    configure" bullshit one more time?

    Back to your old properly install and configure bullshit?

    Hey shit bag, quote where in Microsoft help system, on their web site
    or in their Knowledgebase it says you must "configure Vista properly"
    doing A, B and C.

    You stupid loon, I'm calling your bluff. The FACT is there is no such
    thing. You simply answer a few basic questions like your time zone,
    the name if any you wish to give to your computer, select a password
    and Vista does the rest. Stop pretending you know some secret
    handshake or some other bullshit. You're full of crap.

    No need for me to call you a asshole, everyone knows already, but gosh
    damn, it is so much fun to remind them that's all you are.

    Frank is such a asshole he actually believes that line of crap.

    Still trying to peddle the same slop. You can't really blame Frank,
    he's just a fucking idiot that can't think so he just keeps repeating
    the same lies.
    Bill M. Yannaire, Sep 24, 2008
  10. VistaHelpRequested

    Frank Guest

    Bill M. Yannaire wrote:
    Frank, Sep 24, 2008
  11. VistaHelpRequested

    Ringmaster Guest

    Those aren't just my opinions, they are FACTS.

    Try all you want to disprove the truth. It will only make you look
    like a bigger fool. Something you are already very practiced in doing.
    Ringmaster, Sep 25, 2008
  12. VistaHelpRequested

    Ringmaster Guest

    You don't even own the shit that keeps falling out of your mouth.
    Ringmaster, Sep 25, 2008
  13. There you go again. Brining Frank into every conversation. I believe you
    have a sick interest in Frank. I should tell you that Frank doesn't want to
    have anything to do with your sick ass! Maybe you need to get a puppy.
    Take your sick mind away from this group.

    Continue your drinking and stay an alcoholic. That is my advice for a
    Sheep-Fucker like yourself.

    Just FYI
    Spanky de Monkey, ESQ, Sep 25, 2008
  14. How about the shit that spews from YOUR mouth? Hundreds of insulting posts.
    Very foul language for a retard like yourself. You complain that others are
    juvenile and being idiots, yet you do the same thing only on a bigger scale.
    You are shot down each and every time, but you enjoy the abuse.

    Dance Adam, Dance.
    Spanky de Monkey, ESQ, Sep 25, 2008
  15. VistaHelpRequested

    NoMail Guest

    Ok, I get it. Don't dare to post a serious question even if it
    reflects frustration with a poor implementation. And BTW asshole,
    I've written three real-time OS's. You know the brains that enable
    assholes like you to post useless comments.

    But it's clear you have nothing better to do since you are confined to
    a lonely corner of your room with only Playboy magazines to satisfy
    yourself (you get the point!) while you conteplate your next inane

    It is interesting to note that not one serious reply has been posted
    to the issue. And just for kicks, all previous suggestions DO NOT

    Please do reply to this after you get done satisfying yourself once
    again, but rest assured I won't be reading it.

    Assholes like you should be sent directly ti Iraq where you might,
    just might, learn something. But, on second thought -- I doubt it.
    Once an asshole and "JAGOFF" always a "JAGOFF"

    So little man go **** Yourself; oh no go **** Rosie Palm again!
    NoMail, Sep 25, 2008
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