HIGH CPU in WMP 11 playing VC-1 (1080) WMV files

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Dave and Rosanna, May 1, 2010.

  1. I know it's going to take some CPU to process it,
    but the picture is stuttering and jerky, CPU abot 65%
    in WMP 11 XP SP3.

    If I render and play the same file in Graph Edit, it plays
    beautifully and CPU is down to the 30% mark.

    I have an Nvidia 8600GT with recent drivers. I know that DVXA could be
    a factor, I'm not sure if it's being used or not - How to tell ?
    Why is WMP is doing such a poor job ?

    Any info appreciated.
    Dave and Rosanna, May 1, 2010
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  2. Thanks for responding Neil,
    n general the files I've been playing are demo's and trailers - some
    downloaded fro the MS
    HD showcase. Not only do the files play better in Graph Edit, they look
    better (clearer) and they're not
    stuttering and cpu is WAY down.
    I wish I understood what was going on. Perhaps it's a different rendering
    mode? But how to tell?
    Not much exposed in WMP.
    I've got a dual boot setup, also has Vista with WMP 11. On there, they play
    acceptably well. Only on XP am I seeing this rendering anomaly.
    Dave and Rosanna, May 7, 2010
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  3. Yeah I know what you're saying. Sometimes long distance
    troubleshooting can lead to an impasse, and understanding and progress
    in slow-motion. . My machine meets the spec,but
    I just noticed my Nvidia drivers are at last a year old. I may try updating
    them and see whats' what..
    I have a second install of XP on the box and it's setup a little
    It has a much more up-to-date driver and WMP 11 installed.
    Inside WMP preferences there is a checkbox to use DXVA or not.
    With it set there is a slight difference to the good (there is no such
    setting in WMP 10
    as far as I can see)
    On the otherhand, on either XP, using third party Media Player Classic HC,
    it will play full
    1080p MKV (or MP4) H.264 using about 10% cpu and it's fantastic.
    There is a blurb on the MPC site that says for Nviidia adapters it is unable
    to accelerate
    WMV, but can do H264 just fine. For ATI video cards, it can do both.
    According to Nvidia, the 8600GT supports VC-1 acceleration, so as yet I'm
    none the wiser on knowing just exactly what leads to the limitation.

    I saw this fix, which mention wmp.dll, wmvcore.dll & wmvdmod.dll all
    al level 3293. But this fix is from 2005 - I already have SP3.
    I downloaded it and installed and one file got updated.
    I have these levels now. wmp.dl 4074, wmvcore.dll 4072, wmvdmod.dll 3293
    I'm wondering if there might be any further updates laying around for WMP

    Dave and Rosanna, May 9, 2010
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