HL2:LC 64 and Vista64 Slower than 32bit ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Dale White, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Dale White

    Dale White Guest

    Anyone else running the Vista 64 with Half-life 2. I had the 32 bit version
    and when I logged in to Steam, it updated the Lost Coast demo to 64bit. I
    then ran the benchmarks and it's around 40 fps slower (85-91 vs. 127-131)
    than the 32bit version under 32bit Vista and 50fps slower under 32bit XP

    I'm thinking, just leave it 32bit then. Other games like FEAR, DOOM3 report
    equal to or better than performance under Vista32 (still not faster than
    XP). 3dMark06 was about 100 points slower under Vista64 than Vista32.

    Anyways, just wondered if anyone else saw a performance dropped with the new
    HL2:LC64 update.
    Dale White, Feb 17, 2007
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  2. Dale White

    F r e e Guest

    i cannot repro that... it runs supersmooth, but HL2 loads slow...

    f r e e
    F r e e, Feb 17, 2007
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  3. Dale White

    Dale White Guest

    Did you run the benchmark ? The game overall runs smooth (what little I
    played it), it's one of those things, where you wouldn't know it's running
    slower (or faster) if you didn't benchmark it. Could be the 64 ATI drivers
    are a little less tweaked than the 32 bit ones.

    But thanks for the reply, back to the drawing board I reckon
    Dale White, Feb 17, 2007
  4. Dale White

    Sep Guest

    wait... so im confused a little bit. so u installed Vista 64 and steam
    downloaded the 32-bit version then patched it to a 64-bit? Shouldnt it just
    download the 64-bit install in the first place? I'm just a little curious
    about that. As far as FPS goes.. this is probably not an CPU issue but rather
    a driver issue. go to Guru3d.com see if they have any ATI 64-bit vista
    drivers, some of the modified drivers on there are pretty good. With my old
    system I bcame really dependent upon good drivers and overclocking because
    my PC hardware was so old that upgrading was so limited. Because the game
    should run better, I mean one of the advantages with 64-bit computing is that
    it will perform better in games and you can take the extra performance and
    use it with things like better physics etc.
    Sep, Feb 18, 2007
  5. No I had the 32bit version already installed. I keep all my games installed
    on a dedicated Games drive. When I install Steam I just point it to the
    Steam folder on my hard drive. It sees what I have and downloads any updates
    as needed. In retrospect, I'm thinking I should have pointed it to a
    different folder, only because once it loaded the 64bit version of lost
    coast, the 32bit Vista can't run it. Funny enough it just seems to be for
    the demo, The actual games like Episode 1 and Counter-Strike still play
    under Vista 32

    Valve just recently announced their official support for Vista. So when I
    loaded Steam, it updated the Lost Coast demo to 64bit edition. Best I can
    tell the actually game is still 32bit, as it doesn't say 64bit mode, when I
    run it.

    I'm running the AMD\ATI official Vista 7.1 64 bit drivers. I could play with
    some of the others, but I never saw much improvement by way of the Omegas
    and DNA drivers. Also, I'd like to note that, Doom3, FEAR play fine with
    those drivers, of course, they are playing in 32bit mode. Wish I had some
    other 64 bit game to play with.

    But you're probably right, it will probably boil down to drivers, though it
    could be something with the way Valve did their code.
    Dale M. White, Feb 18, 2007
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