Homefolder-Rights for a new Active-Directory User

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Alex, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I create a new Active-Directory User. I fill out the home folder. The home
    folder will be created, when the folder doesnt exist. It works well. But the
    NTFS-Rights for the Users-Homefolder is automatically set with fullcontrol
    for new created user.
    Is there a change to modifiy the homefolders NTFS from fullcontrol to
    Change-Rights of the created folder, when i create new AD-Users?

    Best regards,
    Alex, Nov 25, 2004
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  2. Alex, you must maybe create a .vbs ou .cmd script to change it, because, by
    design, the Full Control permission is set to Home Folder.
    You can, for example, create a .cmd script with cacls commandline.

    Danilo Bordini
    Danilo Bordini [MVP], Nov 25, 2004
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  3. Alex

    rikke Guest

    Just adding a "like command" for giving you an idea.

    X:\>cacls %homefolder% /T /E /C /P user:%username% RWC

    rikke, Nov 25, 2004
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