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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by mihalaki, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    Just loaded 32 bit WIN7 Home Premium onto a newly formatted HDD,
    Nothing else on that drive....in kind of a Plain Vanilla system.
    Looking for a suggestion for a 56K V92 dial-up USB 2.0 modem, software
    or hardware.

    I've read all the reviews on Amazon and so many people are having
    trouble with WIN 7 modems these days, it scared me to think that I'll
    have the same problems. I hate the thought of having to return a modem
    and wait for a refund so I can buy another. Yikes!

    Can someone please recommend a modem for my WIN7.

    Nothing exotic on my PC to create havoc. so Im just hoping! Just an
    Epson Printer and Scanner, a USB SATA drive, cheap sound system,

    Thanks so much for any suggestions or recommendations you may offer.
    mihalaki, Feb 27, 2011
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  2. mihalaki

    Heidi.linda Guest

    Try asking in a Windows 7 group not a Small Business Server one? But
    seriously, modem? Isn't that a bit like buying a Ducati Monster and
    putting a sidecar on it?
    Heidi.linda, Feb 28, 2011
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  3. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    YES, if you can't afford Broadband!
    mihalaki, Feb 28, 2011
  4. mihalaki

    Heidi.linda Guest

    Hmm. In my experiece, what with call charges, dialup ends up costing
    Heidi.linda, Mar 1, 2011
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