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Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Brad Pears, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Brad Pears

    Brad Pears Guest

    We currently host our website and our DNS with the same company at a
    location here in Canada. We are currently involved in a website SEO project
    and out of that is coming the fact that if we really want to see search
    engine ranking gains for US based searches we really need to move our
    website to a host that has a US IP address.

    My question is, can we leave our DNS being hosted with the same company here
    in Canada and simply move the hosting of our website to a US location (we
    are looking at GoDaddy in the US)?

    Our dns name resolves to a Canadian based IP
    address... Even if we move our web site south of the biorder, our dns name
    will still resolve to a CAD IP address correct? Is there anything that can
    be done so that the IP address will resolve to the IP from GoDaddy?? OR
    should we just simply be moving our entire DNS and hosting to GoDaddy to
    keep it all under one roof? We have had a long standing relationship with
    this company and have other products with them - which is why it woul dbe
    simpler if we could keep our DNS stuff with them...

    Please Help!
    Thanks, Brad
    Brad Pears, Aug 12, 2009
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  2. Brad Pears

    Chris Dent Guest

    Hi Brad,
    Yes. You can.

    As long as you can modify the Host (A) records used to point the name to
    the web server you're good to go.

    For example, you might have: IN A IN A

    Where would be replaced with the new IP address for the new web

    The DNS server providing that answer could still be located in Canada
    (on an appropriate IP), but clients won't be using that Canadian IP to
    access the web server.
    Your DNS server IP might, but your web server IP (www for example) would
    resolve to something in the US.


    Chris Dent, Aug 12, 2009
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  3. Brad Pears

    Brad Pears Guest

    Thanks for the info Chris - that is exactly what I wanted to hear!!!

    Brad Pears, Aug 13, 2009
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