how can i know what to use? 64bit

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Younes, May 4, 2007.

  1. Younes

    Younes Guest

    sony vaio, VGN-FE48G/H, vista home premium

    Processor: intel® Core™2 CPU T7200 @2.00GHZ
    memory (RAM): 1022MB
    32-bit Operating system
    now i ran a TuneUp Utilities 2007 scan and it stated :
    " your computer has a 64bit processer, but your current windows version only
    uses 32 of the available 64bits. you should consider upgrading to a 64bit
    version of your operating system to benefit from iproved security and better
    system performance"

    what should i do? please help.
    Younes, May 4, 2007
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  2. With only 1 GB of RAM and no problems with the 32 Bit version (no 64 Bit
    apps), I'd stick with the 32 Bit version of Vista for now. You won't gain
    anything by jumping to the 64 Bit version. It doesn't offer any speed
    improvements (yet), but supports more than 4 GB of RAM. If your software is
    32 Bit, don't change your OS.
    Dustin Harper, May 4, 2007
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  3. Younes

    Rock Guest

    Nothing. 32bit Vista runs fine on a 64bit processor. Unless you have a
    specific need, and it doesn't seem so since you are asking, don't go to
    Vista x64. There are fewer drivers available for one thing.
    Rock, May 4, 2007
  4. Younes

    Sasha Guest

    I am a x64 vista ultimate user. I would say, that if you are prepared that
    some of your old programs may not work like "Silent Hunter 3" for me. And
    that you are going to use your system more enthusastically than most users
    use their's then go for it.

    That saying about 1GB, don't believe it. I had 512 MB and it was equal in
    performance to my XP Home system which I clean installed Vista x64 over. Oh,
    that reminds me. You can't upgrade to x64 you have to clean install it.
    Sucks, but it helps the stability. Back on topic, I currently have 2GB of RAM
    and a 4GB jumpdrive using all its storage space for ReadyBoost. It runs like
    a charm.

    I will say this, currently not all antivirus manufactures have a nice and
    reliable antivirus that will run great with Vista. AVast is what I use, its

    Also note, most people will say that the average person doesn't need all the
    power of x64. Yes they are right. However, I was an above average technical
    enthusiast and I decided to use x64 to take advantage of my systems power
    (high end system, you get the point). Well, when I did that switch, I just
    started experimenting with everything. I am a heavy graphics gamer, software
    developer, run some distributed computing projects, and system administrator

    This is what you need to ask yourself if you are an average computer user.
    Do I need the power to perform memory intensive apps, do I need the full
    power of my 64 processor (dual core or not), do I want have stability over
    some compatibility, and do I need the overall power x64 has? My answer was I
    wanted the power no matter what and haven't regretted it yet, but you may
    have different needs. Just consider how you use your system and answer those
    above questions.

    That last paragraph, should answer your question.
    Sasha, May 4, 2007
  5. Younes

    Rock Guest

    Wondering how one uses a system more enthusiastically? All kinds of images
    come to mind. :)

    Rock, May 4, 2007
  6. Younes

    Younes Guest

    thanks a lot, so baisicly i should go buy a vista ultima disk<not an upgrade>
    slide it in and i'll be 64? anywaythanks alot

    ps. 4 those who say i don't need a 64bit---> i justwould like to have the
    power even though i don't use it <its good to know it exists>

    pps. can someone guide me through the steps like-->exactly don' want to find
    out my system doesn't support it
    Younes, May 4, 2007
  7. It will not give you more power necessarily, and will not increase your
    typing wpm rate.. if you have any sense, you will stay with what you have..


    Mike Hall
    MS MVP Windows Shell/User
    Mike Hall MVP, May 4, 2007
  8. Younes

    Sasha Guest

    If you run files that require high performance from some application it will
    help. Especially if the program is made for 64bit.

    Games that are highly graphics intensive games like FarCry or high
    performance apps like [email protected] then it will more than help.
    Sasha, May 4, 2007
  9. Younes

    Sasha Guest

    Go to intel's website and see if it says your processor supports EM64Tor
    Intel 64Ñ„, then more than likely it will, which it does, its the 3
    from the bottom

    Then you need to find out about your graphics card, sound card, and printer,
    etc. drivers are in 64 bit. I will warn you this, back when XP x64 was the
    only windows 64 bit OS around you had a hard time finding drivers. It is
    somewhat better today. but 64 bit OS's doesn't work with 32bit drivers even
    though it can run 32bit programs inside x64 environment.

    Here is an example of what you are looking for:
    --> click Vista 64bit
    That shows the 64bit drivers for the ATI Radeon x1950 if you have that.

    To find your system information, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories,
    System Tools, System Information.

    Note: That note everyone likes x64, traditional people, and x64 is not for
    everyone. Also note: that x64 sometimes requires specific hardware that has
    64bit drivers like graphics cards, sound cards, and the like.
    Sasha, May 4, 2007
  10. Younes

    Sasha Guest

    I just like to play around with settings and all the like.

    Sorry for the typo.
    Sasha, May 4, 2007
  11. Younes

    Rock Guest

    No need to apologize. I just had this image of someone jumping up and down
    being enthusiastic. Made me chuckle.
    Rock, May 4, 2007
  12. Younes

    Younes Guest

    ok did the instalation--> now my nvidia geforce options has vaneshed:( the
    disply is 32bit screen & i know noone can help me
    Younes, May 5, 2007
  13. Darling, I want you to do as I ask so that you have easy access to a folder
    on your desktop called ML.. when I send you stuff to help your computer run
    better, this is the folder where you should put them..

    What I will do is occasionally send you something to put in the new folder,
    for processing at some time in the future.. I will not get you to do too
    many things one after the other.. the items will just sit there until I ask
    you to do something with them, ok? ILD DL..


    Mike Hall
    MS MVP Windows Shell/User
    Mike Hall MVP, May 5, 2007
  14. Please excuse my last message.. it redirected to the wrong place.. I must be
    getting tired..


    Mike Hall
    MS MVP Windows Shell/User
    Mike Hall MVP, May 5, 2007
  15. Younes

    Younes Guest

    what should i do now my base score is 1.0, i did a clean install and this is
    what happened
    Younes, May 5, 2007
  16. Younes

    If you have clean installed 64bit Vista, you now have to install the latest
    64bit drivers for your hardware..


    Mike Hall
    MS MVP Windows Shell/User
    Mike Hall MVP, May 5, 2007
  17. Younes

    Younes Guest

    thanks 4 the fast reply i already payed enogh for the new vista ultimate cd..
    so i only need to update the drivers, is free

    Younes, May 5, 2007
  18. Younes

    Younes Guest

    Younes, May 5, 2007
  19. Younes

    Tom Lake Guest

    Even when you're running a 64-bit OS, your color depth may be 32-bit.
    That doesn't mean the display driver is running in 32-bit mode.

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, May 5, 2007
  20. Younes

    Younes Guest

    Younes, May 5, 2007
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