How can I override my father's admin password??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by achapman10, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. achapman10

    achapman10 Guest

    My dad got really anoyed with me and took away my control on MY
    labtop. (makes me mad) Anyway, I can't get into it through the
    password and i don't have any fancy software. I'm trying to delete old
    files that are cluttering up my comp and it wont let me cause I'm not
    the admin anymore! Help me, please.
    achapman10, Feb 24, 2008
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  2. While you're sitting there stewing in your teenage angst, consider

    1) Your father has every right to do what he did.
    2) EVERYTHING under his roof is HIS. HE probably bought it.
    3) Something tells me what you're really trying to do is delete the
    evidence before he gets a chance to see what you've been downloading.
    4) We have absolutely NO RIGHT to help you thwart your father's
    disciplinary measures.
    5) Not only would we have no right to do that, it would be WRONG of us
    to help you fight your father.
    6) If you're over the age of 18, you need to get out of your house and
    stop sucking on your mommie's titties. Then you can do what you want
    to with "your labtop (sic)".
    7) If you're not, shut up, and take yer punishment like a man anyway.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Donald L McDaniel, Feb 24, 2008
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  3. Donald

    Excellent answer. :)
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Feb 24, 2008
  4. achapman10

    Raith Guest

    If you can find a way to have him let you ONTO the computer then simply go to
    control panel, create another admin account, log out, using the other account
    disable his p/word, log out again go back to his account and erase the one
    that you created.
    Raith, Feb 24, 2008
  5. achapman10

    Jeff Guest

    Download and build ubcd4win. Password tools included ...

    Jeff, Feb 24, 2008
  6. achapman10

    Bob F. Guest

    Pat attention! Please follow this. Your dad pass worded your computer
    because he doesn't trust you. You then asked this group to get around dad's
    authority. Some mis-informed people have responded with work arounds in
    direct response to your question. Following this advice with only get you
    in deeper with your dad and prolong the recovery of your relationship.
    What you need to do is tell your dad what you need to do, and negotiate a
    temporary use of the password. Get in the habit of behaving properly and
    demonstrate responsibly and over time, he'll give you back control.
    Bob F., Feb 25, 2008
  7. Thanks.
    I assure you, it was certainly my pleasure...

    Donald L McDaniel

    How can so many otherwise very intelligent people screw up
    something so simple so badly? If you stick a computer
    keyboard in front of most people, they'll suddenly drop
    30 points off their IQs. Much like placing a "Pork Barrel"
    bill in front of a politician: He'll forget all about
    "cooperation" the minute he counts the zeroes before the
    decimal point.
    Donald L McDaniel, Feb 25, 2008
  8. achapman10

    kellen Guest

    You are an idiot. First and foremost he is not being stupid because he is
    resorting to the Internet to get around a "block aid" Second why does his
    father have "every right to do what he did"? when it is THE BOY'S laptop not
    the fathers. I don't think said father uses it, i don't think he maintains
    it, i don't think he has anything to do with it other than the fact that it
    belongs to his son. Third if he wants to delete stuff off of HIS computer
    then he has "every right" to do so. There is no part of the bill of rights
    that says "people cant help other people thwart other people. That would be
    ridiculous. It would not be wrong of us because we have no idea what
    situation he is in all we know is that his father is stopping him from fully
    using his computer. The next thing is that most 18 year olds stay in the
    house longer than 18 years. Did you move out of the house on your 18th
    birthday? did your parents ever take stuff away from you and you tried to get
    around it? It is NORMAL by the way NOW kids tend to stay in the house till
    they are out of COLLEGE because they are SMARTER THAN YOU. The last thing you
    said is so wrong i cant even believe you said it. you said "If you're not,
    shut up, and take yer punishment like a man anyway." that is a disgusting
    thing to say, you are not only adding the the stereotypical man but you are
    contradicting your self anyways. Most men are actually more sensitive than
    women. You are over all just a stupid, uneducated, idiotic, old, republican
    that probably believes in the old, obsolete ways of religion and other stupid
    things that go along with them. Get the hell off of the Internet, you might
    hurt your brain!
    kellen, Mar 2, 2008
  9. achapman10

    Art Guest

    Bloody take it in to an authorized servicer and have the flippin thing
    resolved, Drop the necessary quid and stop the flipping whining! Shees!
    Art, Mar 2, 2008
  10. 1) Friend, I must ask you to start using a little standard
    punctuation, such as:
    a) Add two spaces after a period.
    b) Add a newline after the end of a paragraph.
    c) Use concise paragraphs.
    d) Use commas to separate phrases of a sentence which are related, and
    semi-commas when the subject of a sentence is changed or expanded.

    2) The traditional concepts of Patrinomy are still useful today, nor
    have they ill-served Mankind. As long as the OP is living under his
    father's roof, he is required both by the Law, and by tradition, to
    live by his father's rules. If he cannot learn this lesson NOW, he
    will NEVER learn to live with anyone else.

    3) The 5th Commandment is the ONLY one with a PROMISE attached to it:
    "You shall honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be
    long in the land." God tells mankind everywhere that if he honors and
    obeys his parents wishes, his years of life will be extended.

    4) These concepts are not up for discussion.

    4) I am a registered Democrat, not a Republican.

    5) In any case, neither Christ Himself nor His Church are subject to
    your childish and foolish judgment.

    6) A man older than 18 who is still staying at home needs to be tossed
    out of his fathers' house in the most violent way possible.

    7) To define such sucking off of your mommie's udders after your 18th
    birthday as "normal" is extremely odious to anyone with any sense. I
    assure you, your Daddy wants you out of his house YESTERDAY. Your
    words show me that it is your Mommie whom you are hanging on to. She
    will let you stay there as long as she can, especially if you're an

    8) Grow up, son. Show a little testicular fortitude, and be the MAN
    you are supposed to be. Get away from your Mommie.

    9) I don't "probably" believe in the old ways of Christianity, I most
    definitely DO, nor am I ashamed of this faith. I try my best to NOT
    be ashamed of my faith when I stand before Christ. This means I obey
    His teachings.

    10) I am an older man of 62+ years. I'm certainly not ashamed of my
    age. I earned each grey hair on my head. When you've earned yours,
    you may also speak to punks like yourself the way I am now speaking to
    you. Don't like this? Get off the Earth entirely: 'cause that's the
    way it's gonna be, whether you like it or not, until the day you

    Finally, you may go to Hell or not, as far as I am concerned. You
    have nothing productive or helpful to add to this conversation. Take
    your hatred and bigotry to another forum, please.

    Donald L McDaniel

    How can so many otherwise very intelligent people screw up
    something so simple so badly? If you stick a computer
    keyboard in front of most people, they'll suddenly drop
    30 points off their IQs. Much like placing a "Pork Barrel"
    bill in front of a politician: He'll forget all about
    "cooperation" the minute he counts the zeroes before the
    decimal point.
    Donald L McDaniel, Mar 5, 2008
  11. achapman10

    Tim Riley Guest

    I would ask that this discussion be taken else where please? We are seeing
    only one side of the story; what does "annoyed" mean? There are always two
    sides to every story; who is right or wrong is not a matter for any of us to

    As far as the comments about faith and religion, neither has a place in any
    computer related forum. I'm not a hypocrit, I've been teaching religion
    classes for over 35 years and I know that like many other things, we must be
    tolerant of the convictions of others.
    Tim Riley, May 16, 2008
  12. achapman10

    Joccaren Guest

    I must say that I am in th same situation as you, almost. My fathe
    agreed that my laptop would be mine. I have been obeying the rules se
    down and still, my father tries to take control. His accoun
    restrictions do nothing to me but lock me out at 10:00, which is prett
    useless considering he extends the time afterwards because I have t
    save something or continue my game for a few more minutes
    It appears that no-one here is going to help you because of ethica
    debates, which I agree should be taken elsewhere, so I will. You need t
    access the true administrator account. There are a number of ways to d
    this. Some will and sme won't work. I have not tested all of these bu
    someone else has. 'Here
    ( i
    the link to the site which will help you access this account

    Personally, on these forums I would not worry about ethics but instea
    just answer questions unless it is illegal to do so or potensialy (
    know i spelt that wrong) harmful
    Joccaren, Jul 15, 2009
  13. [snip]

    You trying to talk to people who haven't posted to the thread IN OVER
    A YEAR?
    Sonny Wortzik, Jul 17, 2009
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