How can I play ripped DVDs in the Media Center?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Steve, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    In MCE 2005, I could play a ripped DVD from my hard drive by going to the
    Video menu and navigating to the relevant folder. Using the Media centre in
    Vista Ultimate, I'm not able to do this. When I add the folder with the DVD
    in it, nothing is added to my library. I've also tried installed WinDVD
    (which is Vista compatible) and although the DVD's work fine in WinDVD, I
    still can't play them in Vista Media Center.
    Steve, Jan 2, 2007
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  2. Its possible MCE is using DRM (Digital Rights Management) to tell if you
    have copy righted material or not.
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Jan 2, 2007
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  3. Steve

    Bobby Guest

    Why don't you run the ripped files using WinDVD?

    I suspect that Media Center has deliberately disabled this.
    Bobby, Jan 2, 2007
  4. Steve

    srodgers Guest

    Try My Movies for MCE. Latest version is works with Vista.
    srodgers, Jan 3, 2007
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