How can I scan?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Scott Eveland, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. I'm new to Vista and I can't find how to scan from anywhere. My HP PSC1600's
    scan button won't work, and HP says that the drivers are incompatible with
    Vista, and to use the "Microsoft Fax and Scan" program. I cannot locate any
    such program on my computer, so I assume it must not come with the home OEM
    version of Vista I have.

    So, I have a scanner I can't use and no workaround with Vista? Or anybody
    have any ideas or suggestions (aside from buying a new scanner...)???

    Thank you,
    Scott Eveland, Dec 12, 2007
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  2. Scott Eveland

    Dave Guest

    HP hasn't produced Vista software for my 6110 AIO, either.
    I purchased VueScan, which works really well. You can try it for free.
    Dave, Dec 12, 2007
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  3. Scott Eveland

    John Guest

    Microsoft has apparently convinced the printer people that Vista won't need
    their software. This is a very unfortunate situation because Microsoft
    hasn't come through on their part of the bargain. We very much need printer
    software from the printer vendors for Vista!

    I haven't checked, but I don't think scan software is available to all
    versions of Vista. So: since the printer vendors aren't going to provide
    software for scanners because Microsoft provides it, but Microsoft doesn't
    provide it for all versions of Vista, what are those users supposed to do?

    Microsoft scan software doesn't take advantage of all the capabilities of
    available printers. For example, my Lexmark is capable of scanning at
    600dpi, but Microsoft scan software for my Vista Ultimate only does 300dpi,
    no more. And there are other benefits I had with Win/ME that I lost going
    to Vista.

    I realize the problem Microsoft had with printer vendors in the past:
    Microsoft posts a preview of a new OS nearly a year before introduction so
    the printer vendors can have drivers and software ready by the intro date.
    The printer vendors say they only want to work with stable software, so they
    drag their feet and their users buy the new OS and can't get drivers for
    their printers. The users try to use the OS default drivers which weren't
    even made for their printer and aren't anywhere nearly adequate. So,
    Microsoft says, "I guess we'll have to do it for them." They then make
    generic software for everybody's printers and tell the printer vendors, "We
    don't need your software anymore." From here, pick up what I said a couple
    of paragraphs ago, that Microsoft then (say, three months before intro date)
    decides to offer more complete software (that includes scan) to the more
    expensive versions of the OS.

    So far, I have encountered several things in Vista that have been inadequate
    enough that I would like to buy, but vendors of that software want $50-80,
    so three pieces of this software--which I don't use often enough to warrant
    a $5 purchase--would cost $240 more.

    Which is fine--but I already spent big, big bucks on Ultimate. Since it is
    "Ultimate," one would expect that this is the very best package of utilities
    bundled together with an OS that anyone outside of a millionaire would want.
    I bought an "Ultimate" motherboard from Asus, their Premium Vista
    motherboard. It was loaded with many very nice high quality extras that I
    probably wouldn't buy separately, but for a few extra dollars I have them
    with my motherboard. Not so with Vista Ultimate; it comes with a bunch of
    barely adequate or inadequate extras (like their scan software) for four
    times what the OS Basic should cost.

    Sure, I think Vista is a nice product. But, as I said, I also think
    Microsoft let us down with a sky-high price that they have not earned
    because of cheap software for printers, backup, etc.

    John, Dec 13, 2007
  4. Scott Eveland

    kimafx Guest

    the answer, which I recieved elsewhere on the web

    click the windows/start ico
    type WIAACMGR into "start search
    and ta da! , the program that comes up allows you to scan, and then yo
    can copy/paste the shortcut onto your screen for future usage

    I have no idea how to find this program otherwise, but this seems t

    I hate vista!:
    kimafx, Aug 31, 2009
  5. Scott Eveland

    mopar Guest

    Goto Paint\Scan from
    mopar, Aug 31, 2009
  6. Scott Eveland

    Applesunkiss Guest

    In Vista you must go to "Windows Photo Gallery" application, under File
    select "Import from camera or scanner", select "Import", pick the
    scanner you want to use, select "Preview", then select "Scan". Then it
    will ask you how you want to tag it, which will save it. (Only took me
    hours to figure that out!!!...nice HP/Windows)

    All this after HP told me I needed to pay for a software
    upgrade...which I did not buy...nor need!
    Applesunkiss, Feb 12, 2010
  7. Scott Eveland

    DL Guest

    The app you are using is an MS app, nothing to do with HP
    DL, Feb 12, 2010
  8. Scott Eveland

    nannefaye Guest

    nannefaye, Feb 17, 2010
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