How can I use OE without LiveMail login required

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by katy, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. katy

    katy Guest

    I was using LiveMail beta for about 3 mos. and wanted to see if I could go
    back to using OE by uninstalling LiveMail. But everytime I would try to
    open an email that ended in .eml I'd just see a slight flash like it was
    opening but nothing opened. I tried reassociating .eml with OE but that
    didn't fix it. I used the Tools in Explore to reassociate and also on Run I
    ran the command to reassocaite. I had to reinstall LiveMail so that the
    login window would pop and then LiveMail would open the .eml message.

    Does anyone know if the new build 1226 has fixed this and removed the need
    to login with LiveMail login info to view an .eml message with OE? Or is
    there any other way to eliminate this requirement to open an .eml in OE?

    I hope this makes sense, if not, let me know I'll try to re-explain it. I
    did submit this as a bug to but when I checked to see
    if there were any responses, I saw it had been marked as Resolved. But it
    wasn't resolved for me, there was no comment on the report, just said

    Please can someone help me?? TIA, katy
    katy, Feb 14, 2007
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  2. katy

    Tanja [MSFT] Guest

    Hi Katy -

    This sounds similar to another .eml issue that we're currently looking into.
    If you haven't already done so, can you please file this as an issue on the
    Connect site? This will help us track this better.

    When you submit the issue, please make sure to include all the details you
    have for it - for example, how long ago did you start noticing this
    behavior, and if you have any build numbers - that would be really helpful
    to have as well.

    Tanja [MSFT], Feb 14, 2007
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  3. katy

    katy Guest

    Thanks for replying Tanja but as my original post stated I already did
    report this on the Connect site, this is the link:
    I kept the instructions to check back using these instructions:

    Tracking the Bug after it is filed:
    All bugs can be tracked after they are filed by logging into and selecting they beta for which the bug was filed.
    Once here you can see how many times it has been voted on or validated. You
    can also read all of the comments that pertain to your specific bug. This is
    also where you will go to read the comments and requests that the Beta Team
    sends for additional information.

    I only removed my login info but when I checked back this is what I found:
    (I apologize for the elongated copy/paste)

    Uninstall of Live Mail Desktop Beta leaves behind unseen login to view
    screen 2/4/2007Active
    When I have tried to uninstall Live Mail Desktop Beta and go back to using
    OE, any email I receive with an attachment containing the extension .eml,
    the attachment WILL NOT OPEN. No error message. No...
    Opened By
    Rating 4 ID 256389
    Votes 1 Status Active
    Validations 0/0 Resolution Comments 0 Opened 2/4/2007
    Last Updated

    So my one attempt to report this or ask for help ended with 'Resolved'.....
    but no way to know how it is resolved. Could you show me how I can get a
    real answer from the Connect site? This newsgroup is the first place I've
    gotten any verbal response.
    If you are connected with Connect, could you look into this one for me?

    TIA, katy

    PS: Here is my original report:

    Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta
    Feedback Voting
    256389. Uninstall of Live Mail Desktop Beta leaves behind unseen login to
    view screen
    When I have tried to uninstall Live Mail Desktop Beta and go back to using
    OE, any email I receive with an attachment containing the extension .eml,
    the attachment WILL NOT OPEN. No error message. No popup to login. Nothing.
    If I leave LMDB installed and use OE, emails with the .eml extensions, the
    attachments open fine once LMDB pops up the login window. I strongly believe
    that the uninstall of LMDB leaves behind the login window need to open, but
    does not show that login window, unless LMDB is still installed. I've tried
    reassociating the .eml extension to OE, no help. I've run the command msimn
    /reg to no avail. How can I get uninstall to make OE useable to open email
    attachments with an .eml extension, once LMDB is gone? TIA, katy
    Active feedback entered 2/4/2007 by katy988
    katy, Feb 15, 2007
  4. katy

    katy Guest

    I apologize for not trying this earlier but now with the new build 1226, I
    again uninstalled LiveMail and tried opening
    an attachment with the .eml extension and it does open. I wasn't aware that
    this latest build had corrected the problem
    so I was hesitant to try going through the uninstall and reinstall process
    again. Your reply Tanja made me feel that the latest
    build may have corrected the problem since you mentioned this is an issue
    currently being looked at.
    I think all is resolved now but it would've been nice to have an actual
    reply from Connect saying that this problem has
    been addressed in build 1226. It is all so mechanical that
    the bug reporter is left without any resolution that they are aware of.
    Thanks again Tanja for replying!!
    katy, Feb 15, 2007
  5. katy

    vasu Guest

    But for this ID 256389 , status shows still 'Active' , Its not
    vasu, Feb 15, 2007
  6. katy

    Tanja [MSFT] Guest

    Yeah, this is kind of an issue with Connect.

    This usually happens when we have multiple bugs filed on the same issue - so
    one of them may have been resolved as fixed while the other one is still
    waiting for investigation.

    It's likely that when the team gets around to investigating the bug that
    Katy filed, it will eventually be resolved as Fixed as well.

    Glad the issue no longer repros for you!
    Tanja [MSFT], Feb 21, 2007
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