How can multiple users access same mailbox and send as that mailbox name?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Frank B Denman, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I'm hoping this turns out to be a dumb question with an easy solution:

    My customer wants both user-1 and user-2 to receive all mail addressed to .
    Additionally, the customer wants user-1 and user-2 to send all their mail mail with
    as the default sender address. User-1 and user-2 should be able to see all mail
    sent with the sender address, whether sent by user-1 or by user-2.

    Any changes, deletions, etc, made by user-1 should be seen by user-2 and vice versa.

    Thanks for your help!


    Frank Denman
    Denman Systems

    [Please delete the "x" from my email address]
    Frank B Denman, Jan 29, 2010
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  2. Is there actually a user3? Your message makes it seem that user3 would not
    be receiving or sending, just user1 and 2 pretending to be user3?

    What is the purpose of having three mail boxes if three users are going to
    send and receive as the same user?

    If there are two users, it is possible to allow one of them to act as the
    other, but not sure if it is possible to extend that to X users.

    Please post the resolution to your
    issue so others may benefit
    Get Your SBS Health Check at
    Larry Struckmeyer[SBS-MVP], Jan 29, 2010
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  3. Frank,

    I assume that User3 is sort of an or
    account that the other two users are receiving as and sending as the
    account. But as Larry indicated, it would better help us to know the exact
    reason why you are doing it. What I am providing below is a generic proc
    showing how to provide mailbox permissions, and access the mailbox from
    another account. The proc can vary depending on your goals.

    Create User3.
    Mailbox enabled User3.
    Send an email address to User3 or logon as User3 using OWA. This will
    establish the mailbox.
    Open ADUC. Select View, Advanced Features.
    In ADUC, go to properties of User3
    Select the Exchange Advanced tab.
    Add User1 and User2 providing:
    Delete Mailbox Storage
    Full Mailbox Access
    Click Ok
    Select Security Tab
    Click Add
    Add User1
    In the Permissions list, Read, Send As, Receive As
    Click Ok
    Repeat for User2

    Then go to User1's Outlook (this may differ slightly depending on Outlook
    Open Account Properties, More Settings, Advanced tab.
    Click on Add
    Type in User3's account name.
    Click Ok
    You wil see it show up as an additional mailbox in the bottom of the list
    in Outlook
    Repeat for User3

    When sending an email, make sure the user account selects
    as the "From:" account. You will have to expose the "From:" option under
    Options, depending on Outlook version.


    This posting is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties or guarantees and
    confers no rights.

    Please reply back to the newsgroup or forum for collaboration benefit among
    responding engineers, and to help others benefit from your resolution.

    Ace Fekay, MVP, MCT, MCITP EA, MCTS Windows 2008 & Exchange 2007, MCSE &
    MCSA 2003/2000, MCSA Messaging 2003
    Microsoft Certified Trainer
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

    If you feel this is an urgent issue and require immediate assistance, please
    contact Microsoft PSS directly. Please check
    for regional support phone numbers.
    Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT], Jan 30, 2010

  4. I'm sorry, I forgot to add, that the "User3" account could also be a Public
    Folder that all emails can go directly into it from the outside world, and
    User1 and User2 can have exclusive access, as well as provide Send As
    permissions to be able to send out as that address. This would negate the
    need of adding an additional User account and mailbox in AD/Exchange as well
    as negate the need to add the additional mailbox in User1 and User2's
    Outlook profile.

    A public folder solution such as this, is more secure than the other method,
    since a public folder is not a security principal (an account that can be
    compromised and/or used to logon and do damage).

    Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT], Jan 30, 2010
  5. I know this is a Completely different Direction
    But if you have Office 2007
    any chance you could use Business Contact Manger?
    Create the Database on the SBS box
    Set up BCM for Each user
    Have Linking to emails for Each "CLIENT"
    When the User wants to see what "Activity" that has been sent/recieve
    to each client they just Open up BCM check on History
    and all the emails to/from the client are seen?

    Any Chance that will work for you?
    Russell Grover - SBITS.Biz
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist
    World Wide 24hr SBS Remote Support - http://www.SBITS.Biz

    Russ - SBITS.Biz, Jan 30, 2010
  6. I haven't used BCM, but that wouldn't satisfy the Send As requirement the
    poster stated, or does it have accomodations for that?

    Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT], Jan 30, 2010
  7. No it doesn't address the Send "AS"
    But if the goal is just to make sure everyone see the other emails and make
    sure the Client is taken care of. BCM is better.

    If you just do a "SEND AS"
    it doesn't address the preverbial question: Did John Reply to this? or did
    Joe reply to this? or do I need to reply to this?

    well just to make sure I'll respond to it. (And sure enough Joe and John
    both replied and thus the client got 3 Messages. (a waste of time and
    confusing to the client.) and as you know "Time = Money"

    Russell Grover - SBITS.Biz
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist
    World Wide 24hr SBS Remote Support - http://www.SBITS.Biz
    Russ - SBITS.Biz, Jan 31, 2010

  8. Understood. It would depend on Frank's business model and how John and Joe
    handle inbound messages, such as if they were handling all inbound sales to
    a generic name and want to send out as that generic name. Since we haven't
    heard back from Frank, we don't know.

    Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT], Feb 1, 2010
  9. Agreed
    Most just create a 1 Mailbox and use it...
    But that's why I like Microsoft OPTIONS.!


    Russell Grover - SBITS.Biz [SBS-MVP]
    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist
    24hr SBS Remote Support - http://www.SBITS.Biz
    Microsoft Online Services -
    Russ SBITS.Biz [SBS-MVP], Feb 1, 2010
  10. Agreed as well! Numerous options are available! :)

    Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT], Feb 1, 2010
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