How Can Multiple Users All Sync One WM5 Device on One PC?

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Doug Birk, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Doug Birk

    Doug Birk Guest


    We're rolling out Symbol's MC9090 Rugged Handheld to our sites. Each site
    has more than one worker that will collect data with the device. Each worker
    has their own AD login and our corporate security policy dictates not sharing
    accounts or passwords when using the PC.

    Our Compact Framework app running on the MC9090 uses XML files for
    persisting the data and we use ActiveSync's file sync to place the collected
    data on the PC.

    How can we configure ActiveSync for this scenario? While we'll designate one
    user to synchronize the handheld for now, this will prove troublesome when
    that person isn't available or is on vacation.
    Doug Birk, Jul 8, 2006
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  2. Hi,
    ActiveSync only supports the synchronization of one WM5 device at a time
    regardless of how many users login.

    Since you want all the users to sync, you can use a guest partnership and
    file explorer to copy the files to the PC regardless of the user that is
    logged in. To setup Guest for all users, check out ActiveSync Keys from

    Chris De Herrera

    ActiveSync 4.x Troubleshooting Guide -
    Chris De Herrera, Jul 9, 2006
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  3. Doug Birk

    Doug Birk Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I understand that only one device can sync at a time.
    That isn't the issue. In our scenario, one device is shared among a team of
    workers at a work site. Day 1, worker 1 will sync under their AD login on a
    shared PC. Day 2, worker 2 will sync under their AD login on the same shared
    PC since worker 1 is on vacation that day.

    We need file sync since we also maintain some lookup and configuration files
    the handheld uses on the PC and sync them to the handheld. Since our workers
    aren't very computer savvy, we can't expect them to copy files.

    Any other ideas?

    Douglas Birk

    Expect the Unusual in 2006

    Doug Birk, Jul 9, 2006
  4. Hi,
    With ActiveSync Keys and MightySync or CWSync you may be able to
    sync files without a partnership.

    Chris De Herrera

    ActiveSync 4.x Troubleshooting Guide -

    Chris De Herrera, Jul 9, 2006
  5. alternate input would be to bypass activesync by storing your
    application data on a memory card rather than in main memory and using a
    pc file sync program to keep the data synced via a card reader based on
    the pc's login and file access rights.

    pc based sync apps offer more options such as network access, command
    line options, specific configurations and file masks, etc, etc.

    My recommendation would be filesync from, but, I
    hesitate doing so for you as I have not been able to contact the author
    for several years (I have zero problems with the program, so, don't need
    tech support)

    Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]
    Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev], Jul 9, 2006
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