How do I ADD computers to the "Unassigned Computers" group?

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Ed Flecko

    Ed Flecko Guest

    The computers that I currently have in the "Unassigned Computers" group seem
    to be working O.K. with my new WSUS server. To be honest, I'm not even sure
    how they got into that group, but since things seem to be working O.K., I'd
    like to add the rest of my LAN computers to this group.

    Can someone tell me how to do that?

    Thank you,
    Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005
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  2. A couple of quick facts :).

    - Every computer attached to the WSUS server will be present in the All
    Computers target group
    - Every computer not assigned to a specific target group (i.e. Not the All
    Computers TG) will be a member of the Unassigned Computers Target Group.

    Unassigned is meant to be there as a place holder so you can figure out what
    specific target group you want them to be in.

    If you don't need to control groups of computers individually then just
    ignore the Unassigned TG and make all your approvals to the All Computers
    David Hennessey \(MSFT\), Oct 19, 2005
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  3. Ed Flecko

    Ed Flecko Guest

    Hi David,
    Thank you for the reply.

    I'm confused. What do you mean when you say, "Every computer attached to the
    WSUS server will be present in the All Computers target group."

    I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out; how do I "attach" all of my
    computers to my WSUS server! :)

    Thank you,
    Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005
  4. When the client contacts the WSUS server it registers itself with the
    server. That is what I mean by attach, its not really something you do
    explicitly, I just mean that every client that talks to the WSUS server will
    be a member of the All Computers target group.
    David Hennessey \(MSFT\), Oct 19, 2005
  5. Ed Flecko

    Ed Flecko Guest

    Thank you, David.

    O.K. I am applying my WSUS policies via A.D. Group Policy. I have a simple
    GP created, and it is linked to an OU within my domain. In the "Security
    Filtering" field, I have only a handfull of my PCs "manually" added. So I

    Do I need to add ALL of my PCs to the Security Filtering field (or will the
    "Authenticated Users" group work just fine)? Do you think this is why ALL of
    my computers haven't "checked-in" with the WSUS server (because they're not
    listed in the Security Filtering field, GP isn't being applied, and
    hence...they're not attached)?

    Thank you,
    Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005
  6. I'm afraid you just left my area of expertise. I would hope the Deployment
    Guide has enough information on how to configure AD group policy to
    efficiently get clients talking to the server. Otherwise I'm sure others
    here are more familiar with AD policies to help :).

    One side note though, if your client machines are imaged (not sysprep'd)
    then you will run into problems because they will all contact the server
    using the same Client ID. This will cause clients to vanish and reappear in
    the Admin UI. There are multiple threads in this forum that deals with this
    particular issue and how to resolve it.
    David Hennessey \(MSFT\), Oct 19, 2005
  7. Ed Flecko

    Ed Flecko Guest

    Thank you, David.

    That's good to know! My clients aren't imaged (or sysprepped), but I'm very
    familiar with sysprepping machines. Thank you for you help. :)

    Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005
  8. Hi Ed, Couple pointers here if you'd like to use GP to configure your WSUS
    clients. Check out the deployment guide - starting on ~page 60:

    You can also use a sample tool we have called ADImporter which will let you
    pre-populate WSUS target groups with computers from AD. You will still need
    to configure these clients (via policy) to "talk" to your WSUS server but it
    gives you a handy way to
    leverage pre-existing OUs to populate WSUS target groups. Check out the
    readme and sample from the WSUS product download page here under Windows
    Server Update Services API Samples & Tools. The readme lists all the tools

    Hope this helps- Bobbie

    Bobbie Harder
    Program Manager, WSUS

    This posting is provided "As Is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at
    Bobbie Harder \(MSFT\), Oct 19, 2005
  9. Ed Flecko

    Ed Flecko Guest

    Wow! Hey thank you Bobbie. I appreciate all the tips I can get. :) P.S., I
    figured out my problem about why not all of the PCs were checking in with my
    WSUS server; sure enough...I just needed to add the "Authenticated Users"
    group to my GPO and voila...they're "calling home to Mama" as we speak! Thank
    you again. :)

    Ed Flecko, Oct 19, 2005
  10. You don't need to add /any/ computers to the security filtering for the GPO
    /unless/ you have multiple GPOs linked to the same OU and you want different
    systems to respond to different GPOs.

    "Authenticated Users" includes all computers that are joined to the domain.

    No... I don't think your lack of listing systems in the security filtering
    has affected their reporting to WSUS unless you /removed/ Authenticated
    Users from the security permissions.
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Oct 19, 2005
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