How do I download the Windows Fax and Scan

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Boris, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Boris

    Boris Guest

    Somewhere along the way, I am missing the Windows Vista Fax and Scan. How
    can I download or what file is it on the software?

    By the way, my new email address is:

    Boris, Feb 8, 2008
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  2. Boris

    Tom Lake Guest

    If you have a home version of Vista, you won't find it. It's only included
    Business and Ultimate versions. You'll have to seek out a third party

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, Feb 8, 2008
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  3. Boris

    Boris Guest


    I had it previously on my computer w/Home Premium.
    Boris, Feb 8, 2008
  4. Boris

    Malke Guest

    No, you didn't. As Mr. Lake said, Windows Fax and Scan is not included
    in the Home Basic/Premium versions of Vista. You may have had a faxing
    program included with printer software.

    If you have Vista Home Basic/Premium and you want to fax from your
    computer, you will need a third-party faxing program that is compatible
    with Vista.

    Malke, Feb 8, 2008
  5. Which version of Vista do you have?
    Cari \(MS-MVP\), Feb 8, 2008
  6. Boris

    Chuck Guest

    Remember that OEM copies of vista may differ from the standard versions.
    Chuck, Feb 9, 2008
  7. what a con - do mirosoft think that those of us that have had to have vista -
    instead of the much prefered xp do not send faxes now!???
    fedupon friday, Mar 7, 2008
  8. Boris

    Bob F. Guest

    No, they just don't think they need to give it away free anymore since it's
    not part of an operating system. They re-thought their bundling offerings.
    Bob F., Mar 7, 2008
  9. Boris

    Art S Guest

    I thought finally I would get myself A NEW laptop.So instead of a Mac which I
    have always I had I figured I would give Windows a chance. So I have a Vista
    laptop. I looked for the faxing software to send a fax and thought I was
    going crazy. Windows was able to in the past. They don't have fax on Vista.
    What in the world are they thinking? With all the problems I have heard about
    it. I am sorry I went to Microsoft. I think instead of going backwards they
    should go forwards. retain an obvious useful function. Common sense is that
    it should still be on the machine.
    Art S, Mar 19, 2008
  10. Boris

    Bob F. Guest

    FAX not available in Vista Home Basic Premium. It is available in Ultimate,
    Extreme and Business.

    You might consider Snappy Fax at a slight cost:

    or the Free version from BVRP:

    or a full BVRP Classic Phone Tools 9: $29.90

    I’ve used all of these. Snappy fax screen look a bit crude but the product
    actually is fairly feature rich and works fine. BVRP also works fine,
    screen looks a little better. Other than that, there are minor differences
    in performance between the two.
    Bob F., Mar 19, 2008
  11. Boris

    schnooks Guest

    to many sites on bvrp i hae a motorola sm56 data fax and am running vista
    home which site do i download from thanks
    schnooks, Mar 21, 2008
  12. Boris

    Josef Meier Guest

    We use Aloaha FAX Suite ( and are pretty happy with that!
    Josef Meier, May 17, 2008
  13. Boris

    lunate Guest

    ...Well that's just weird...

    I use Vista Business (32-bit) at work... There's no Fax and Scan.


    I use Vista Business (64-bit) at home... There's no Fax and Scan there
    lunate, May 23, 2008
  14. Boris

    Peter Guest

    Are you sure it's Vista Business and not Vista Enterprise? It can be
    installed as an optional component on Enterprise.

    To quote Microsoft:

    "Windows Fax and Scan is on the main All Programs menu of the Windows Vista
    Business and Windows Vista Ultimate editions. It can be installed as an
    optional component in Windows Vista Enterprise. Windows Fax and Scan enables
    you to perform all faxing and scanning tasks and manage all of your faxes
    and scanned documents from one location."
    Peter, May 23, 2008
  15. Boris

    F Guest

    How sad is this Bob?

    I am unable to print .tif documents properly - received through an e-fax
    service on my brand new Laptop with Vista Premium on.

    I do not care to be able to fax because it is not cost effective anyway. I
    live in South Africa and find the additional cost to buy (In $'s) a
    functionality that I have paid for in the past alarming and to be frank -
    dishonest. I do not refer to support for Fax Viewer but I dit pay for the
    actual software when I bought XP.

    The term "bundling offerings" is just a smart word to disguise the simple
    principle of stealing from people who does not have the resources to take on
    a giant company like Microsoft. I believe that one day Microsoft will reap
    what they are sowing.
    F, Jun 9, 2008
  16. Boris

    laralara Guest

    how to use pc fax on vista home pr
    laralara, May 1, 2010
  17. Boris

    Tom Lake Guest

    You have to buy non-Microsoft fax software to do that in
    Home versions.

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, May 3, 2010
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