How do I remove Live Search toolbar from IE 8?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Lazzmatazz, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Lazzmatazz

    Lazzmatazz Guest

    I DO NOT WANT the Live Search add-on toolbar to clutter my browser but I can
    find no way to remove it. Any suggestions?
    Lazzmatazz, Apr 9, 2009
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  2. Lazzmatazz

    Lazzmatazz Guest

    Because Live Search does not show up among the software titles in "Add &
    Remove Programs", like the Yahoo! or Google toolbars. And I did not have a
    choice to install it or not. When I installed IE8, it was already there. I
    added no "add-ons", in fact when I try to "Manage Add-Ons", the "Remove"
    command is greyed out when I highlight Live Search so it wasn't meant to be
    removed. I did search the Internet for a method of removing Live Search and
    found a complex solution by editing the Registry, which I am not going to do,
    lest I mess up something else. Check it out:

    I thought Microsoft would have a cleaner, easear, more elegant method. I
    guess I was wrong. Your brief response seems to suggest that there is no way
    of removing Live Search. Thanks for the effort though.
    Lazzmatazz, Apr 9, 2009
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  3. Lazzmatazz

    Lazzmatazz Guest

    Thank you - that confirms it.

    Although, Live Search has the Windows mulicolor flag logo next to it, which
    to me seems to indicate a Microsoft product, no?

    Thanks again for your assistance.
    Lazzmatazz, Apr 9, 2009
  4. Lazzmatazz

    RalfG Guest

    It's just the new version of the regular IE search bar. Happens to be pinned
    to the address bar in IE8. You can change the default search engine by
    clicking on its icon as the available choices appear when you click in the
    search box. Otherwise you can click the down arrow and select Manage Search
    providers to change the default search engine, arrange the order of the
    various choices or even delete Live Search from the list. Much the same as
    in IE7 you can also add a number of other optional search engines to the
    available list. Lists of add-ons can be found at this site:
    RalfG, Apr 9, 2009
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