How do I remove the bar saying my security settings are at risk?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by invyzzybl, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. invyzzybl

    Carmen Guest

    I have XP Home and adding that to the registry worked. I had to add a new key
    for "Internet Explorer" and then "Security" but that was fine.

    Thank you so much, Tom! That was the most annoying thing.

    Carmen, Dec 30, 2006
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  2. invyzzybl

    brattysoul Guest

    Hey Tom-
    I just went through all the posts about remving the IE7 Info Bar and you
    seemed the most helpful. However, everything is all broken up and hardly
    understandable. I am NOT running Xp, My pc crashed and ended up with Vista &
    IE7- I too received and error code when trying to run gpedit(never heard of
    that before this past week) and this info bar is driving me MAD! I have
    scanned the regedit everywhere and seriously am dounting my abilities with
    the computer. I do not like microsoft "winning" and making me feel as if I
    cannot handle the security on my own PC-those MAC ads are starting to make

    Any help would be appreciated
    brattysoul, Mar 21, 2007
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  3. invyzzybl

    Agrawal Guest


    I don't see that option in the template. There are 2 levels of
    configurations: Computer and User. In Computer configuration>Administrative
    Templates>Windows Components I see only Windows media player and Windows
    Update. No Internet Exporer!!
    Inside User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components I see
    only Windows media player. Nothing else!!
    What am I suppose to do to turn this information bar off?
    I have XP pro sp2 running.

    Agrawal, Oct 12, 2007
  4. invyzzybl

    Jen Guest

    How do you merge?
    Jen, May 2, 2008
  5. invyzzybl

    Mariah Kaze Guest

    Hi Tom,
    I have the same issues except I have Windows Vista. I'd like to know why
    microsoft thinks we ought to be censored or need their help to navigate the
    Internet? Somebody's going to hack their way through anyway!

    I'm not at all happy with this new "security" they've made mandatory with
    new computers. I'll install my own security!!!! We install popup blockers
    and then every time I go to a website a popup asks me if I want to run Active
    X - just get out of the WAY! So, how do I edit my registry to get rid of
    Mommy Microsoft?

    Mariah Kaze, May 24, 2008
  6. invyzzybl

    Tjardo Guest

    Does anyone perhaps know how this works in Vista?
    Thanks in advance
    Tjardo, Jan 20, 2010
  7. invyzzybl

    rob^_^ Guest


    Tools>Internet Options, Security tab, click the "Reset all zones to default"

    For the best surfing experience with optimized security you should accept
    the Default security zone settings. (always!)

    Tweaking your security zone settings in the hope of getting a web page to
    work correctly will leave your browser vulnerable when you visit other sites
    that are in the same security zone.

    If the site loads in the Internet security zone, but does not work as
    expected (viz. You get a yellow information bar "Active X has been blocked
    because.....") it is because the site has been incorrectly crafted for IE's
    default security zone settings.

    It is up to the web site designers to craft their sites to IE's default
    security zone settings. If you really TRUST the web site then you can add it
    to your Trusted Sites Zone where the default security level is lowered.

    It is usual to have only your banking and email or https web sites in your
    Trusted Sites zone.

    Computers on corporate networks may have customized security zone settings.
    Consult your network administrators if this is the case (they can stop users
    from changing their security zone settings from the default and so prevent
    the message from appearing)

    rob^_^, Jan 20, 2010
  8. invyzzybl


    Oct 18, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Just updating: adding the registry key still works in Windows 10 x64 with Internet Explorer.

    You could try merging the following into your registry and rebooting:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security]

    Tom Porterfield
    devnullius, Oct 18, 2015
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