How Live Mail Handles Sending Mail from Other Accounts

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by BooYaKaSha, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. BooYaKaSha

    BooYaKaSha Guest

    My wife and I both have Hotmail premium accounts that we use a "hubs" only to
    check mail from other accounts and to store our messages in a central
    location. So in other words, we keep our Hotmail addresses private and never
    send mail directly from them.

    Hotmail handles this fairly well. We can set up accounts to send and receive
    mail from and choose which is the "default" account to send from. Sent
    messages are all stored in the same "sent items" folder regardless of which
    account is used, and Hotmail even seems to do a good job of correctly
    choosing which address to send from when replying.

    Windows Live Mail, on the other hand, is a completely different beast all
    together. The way it clumsily handles sending from third party addresses
    makes it a complete non-starter for us.

    First off, it offers no easy way to configure accounts to send from like
    Hotmail does -- you have to set up accounts seperately and remember to
    uncheck the option to check for new mail. Apparently you can't configure
    which account to send from by default (except by making it a blanket default
    account for everything which has its own consequences). It always tries to
    send from your Hotmail account -- and given we don't want anyone to see that,
    sucks if we forget to change it manually for each message we send.

    Here's the most absurd part -- for those accounts you set up JUST to send
    mail from, it keeps separate mail folders for each and there is no way to
    merge or reroute them to your Hotmail folders. So if I send mail from another
    account, it gets placed in that accounts sent folder instead of my main one.
    So it stays separate and local, and thus never gets synced with Hotmail. I
    have to remember to manually drag every message I send into the correct sent
    folder to do so.

    Things like this that seem like such a no-brainer to me and yet are
    completely neglected by a supposedly mature piece of software make me so
    frustrated. Am I just missing something before I uninstall Live Mail for good?
    BooYaKaSha, Jun 7, 2009
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  2. BooYaKaSha

    Ron Sommer Guest

    You are not missing anything.
    WLMail is not designed for what you are doing.
    Another instance where WLMail doesn't work well is for accounts that can use
    alias addresses.
    Ron Sommer, Jun 7, 2009
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  3. BooYaKaSha

    N. Miller Guest

    Windows Live Mail is a single user application, designed around the premise
    that a single user will likely have single accounts. Even a more capable
    email program, like Pegasus Mail, which is my default email handler, can't
    do what you want easily. Unlike Windows Live Mail, which doesn't understand
    the concept of "Identities", or even MS Outlook Express, which only
    understands the concept of "Identities" in a fashion more like Pegasus
    Mail's "User Profiles", I can use "Identities" in Pegasus Mail; but I must
    still properly select the appropriate "Identity" manually before proceeding.
    Windows Live Mail always sends new mail from the configured default account;
    and replies from the account which received the email. Even Pegasus Mail
    will send "From:" the default "Identity"; unless the user manually selects
    the proper "Identity" associated with a given email address.
    With MS Outlook Express, all POP3 email was dumped into global account
    storage folders. This lead a certain subset of users to complain that email
    to different POP3 accounts was aggregated in a single folder.

    With Windows Live Mail, all POP3 email is segregated in unique folders per
    account. This leads a certain subset of users to complain that email to
    different POP3 accounts is not aggregated in a single folder.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The only logical solution would be
    a user selectable option to have, nor not have global email folders. Maybe
    they will see the light in another iteration of the application.
    What you are missing is that Windows Live Mail won't do things the way you
    want; and I don't know of a competing application that will. Not even
    Mozilla Thunderbird will do it without setting up Profiles, which then
    require manually selecting which Profile to use with which "From:" email
    address. I am pretty sure it isn't automatic.
    N. Miller, Jun 8, 2009

  4. "mature piece of software"? <snicker/>
    I don't think it is even deserving of the term "Work in progress" (WIP).

    Robert Aldwinckle, Jun 9, 2009
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