How many times can we activate Vista Ulti til it tell us to call i

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by GT, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. GT

    GT Guest

    How many times can we activate Vista Ultimate til it tell us to call in. Are
    their option to dial the product key or do we have to talk to computer. Will
    changing memory and harddrive require activation again?
    GT, Mar 22, 2008
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  2. GT

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi GT,
    Usually once, activations subsequent to the first one generally must be
    phoned in.
    I believe you can just key it in.
    Not usually by themselves, but if other changes have been made the
    cumulative affect may require activation. This could include driver updates
    to key components, so it's not just physical hardware changes.

    Rick Rogers, Mar 22, 2008
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  3. GT

    John Barnes Guest

    Changing the hard drive that Vista is installed on is the most likely to
    cause an activation request. Rick covered the rest well.
    John Barnes, Mar 23, 2008
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