How to burn Vista's UDF file. Using Nero.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by dntknwhw2b, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. dntknwhw2b

    dntknwhw2b Guest

    If you need help with the installation of Windows Vista RC1. You need to
    start here.
    Want to see if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista? Just
    download, install, and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor RC.
    You can find it here:
    dntknwhw2b, Oct 6, 2006
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  2. All you need to do is open Nero Burning ROM. Cancel the Wizard that pops up.
    Select open from the file menu. Browse to the .iso image file on your hard
    drive and select open. Then click burn.
    Robert Korzuch, Oct 6, 2006
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  3. dntknwhw2b

    Chad Harris Guest


    The problem with the Upgrade Advisor that is well intended is it's flat
    wrong half the time. On box after box that has enough RAM to run Vista
    perfectly, I've seen false messages saying drivers won't work that work
    perfectly for Sound, that new IDE Controllers (Intel (R) 82801BA Ultra ATA
    Controller) and new IEEE Serial Bus Host Controllers (VIA OCHI compliant
    IEEE 1394 Controllers) and they are just flat wrong.

    There is also the false message Vista gives on a number of boxes when they
    try to dual boot running setup from XP from every since Build 5472 on up
    that you cannot install Vista and Vista setup runs flawlessly as does Vista
    on each of those machines after you restart and run setup from restart
    (which will allow the bios to reassign your drive letters which can be
    reghacked back to normal).

    MSFT has been well aware of these bugs and done nothing whatsoever about it,
    as is par for the course which will along with their new Windows Protection
    that targets legitimate copies of Vista cause numerous sales losses and much
    time spent after their PSS Convergys of Ohio contractors are incapable of
    handling this by MSFT personnel. An example of how calls work when WGA
    screws up is quoted on Ed Bott's blog including MSFT's head in the sand tail
    between legs failure to respond to one of their long-time MVPs and the
    author every OS of the MSFT Press book that is one of the leading references
    books on the Windows Operating system--his Windows Vista Inside Out has sold
    nearly a million pre pub copies:

    Another Wave of WGA Failures

    Ed Bott Blog Readers Burned by WGA

    You can read Ed Bott's information and comments on the new SPP here:

    From Ed Bott "We recognize the inconvenience." Is it really that hard to say
    "We apologize"?

    Apparently the egos at Redmond and the eggregious imperious attitude makes
    it impossible to admit they make huge mistakes and impossible for them to
    apologize. There is much in common with the disastrous West Wing policy and
    MSFT's implementation of Vista and failure to correct Vista Bugs. "Stay the
    Course" no matter how broken the program or feature seems to be the mantra
    as the tin eared boys and girls get ready to party over broken Vista with
    kegs and tents.

    MSFT flat out refuses to fix the broken Upgrade Advisor because they want to
    trick unsuspecting customers into buying hardware they don't need. MSFT
    setup teams flat out refuse to fix the setup glitch on a dual boot when
    setup is run from XP that has sprung up in every build including today's
    build since 5472.

    MSFT would rather protect their revenue stream than their customers who buy
    legitimate Windows"

    From Ed Bott author of Windows Vista Inside Out

    The book ought to be a great book if it incorporates the insights and
    analysis in Ed Bott's two blogs and is always a must read for a Windows
    enthusiast or someone who is teaching or administrating Windows operating
    systems and servers:

    Ed Bott's Windows Expertise
    Tips, tricks, news, and advice about Windows and Office

    October 6, 2006
    UAC good. SPP not so good.
    "In the midst of a post about Microsoft's new viral marketing campaign for
    Windows Vista (which I wrote about last night), Dwight Silverman tosses off
    this aside:

    Whether [the Demetri Martin campaign] will be enough to get consumers to
    pony up the bucks for a Vista upgrade, and once they have it, make them
    forget such irritants as the User Account Control and the Software
    Protection Program, remains to be seen.

    I just want to go on the record here with my thoughts that these two
    features should not be mentioned in the same breath. UAC is without a doubt
    a feature that was designed to provide a benefit to Windows users. We can
    quibble about the way it works, but not about the goals behind it.

    SPP, on the other hand, is the successor to Windows Genuine Advantage. Both
    initiatives have in common a reliance on Orwellian language that appears to
    be in the customer's benefit but is actually a horrible inconvenience and
    potentially a nightmare. Despite Microsoft's attempts to spin the new
    program, there's no advantage for the Windows customer, and the only thing
    being protected is Microsoft's revenue stream.

    By definition, security measures like UAC are inconvenient. But SPP goes
    beyond being an irritant.

    OK, rant over. Sorry to pick on a single offhand remark, Dwight."

    Quote from link:

    Chad Harris, Oct 6, 2006
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