How to convert DVD to iPod touch/nano/classic?

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    Apple iPod accepts MP4 format, so you just need a converter that will go from DVD to MP4 if you want to watch DVD movies on your iPod. After you get the output iPod compatible MPEG-4 videos converted from DVD's, drag them to your iPod with the sync of iTunes. Below is the step by step tutorial showing how to convert DVD to iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic.

    The software you will need is Clone2Go DVD to iPod Converter. Let's take a look at how it performs:

    1. Download Clone2Go DVD to iPod Converter. Install and run it.

    2. Click the "Open DVD" button to load the DVD movie. Alternatively, you can click "File -> Open DVD..." to import the DVD disc. After the DVD is imported, there will be a list of DVD titles showing in the program. Note: If your DVD movie is saved as a folder in your computer hard drive, you need to click the "Add Video" button to locate and import the movie.

    3. Tick the longest DVD title from the list. Double click this title and you will preview the movie in the program.
    Note: If you want to merge all the DVD chapters/titles into one single file, you need to click the "Options" tab in the Clone2Go interface and make the settings as shown below:

    4. Choose the most appropriate profile from the "Profile" drop-down list according to the brand of your iPod (iPod touch, iPod nano or iPod classic). Note: You can also customize a specific profile to meet your needs.

    5. Click "Start Encode" to start to convert DVD movie to iPod video.

    6. Add the output files to iTunes and sync them to your iPod.

    dudude, Sep 7, 2009
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