How to Convert DVD to VOB with DVD to VOB Converter?

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    This Howto will guide you how to convert DVD to VOB in a fast and easy way. As we know, video files on DVD are usually large files of 1G, which are to be compatible with the operation system. Chapters of the video are indexed by an additional .inf file rather than by the video files. So people may want to rip the chapters out with the minimum loss of quality. That is why DVD to VOB capable video converter comes to help. Take Leawo DVD Ripper for example, it is a powerful DVD to VOB Converter but rather simple to use
    First of all, open your DVD in the DVD to VOB Converter program. The chapters of the DVD video will be identified and listed in a tree style[/img
    Next, choose how many chapters you want to rip, and apply a VOB output profile to them. Don't mind the dropdown boxes of Subtitle, Audio and Angle which might bother you. Just click on them and select from the dropdown list what makes sense for you
    Most importantly, it is the video quality and audio quality that matters. They determine the overall output quality. However, you will not be perplexed since they are graded in only three levels: low, medium and high. The file size is in positive proportion to the levels of quality you choose
    Here comes to the final step! Just one click on the Convert button and the conversion begins as smoothly as silk. If you have professional demands, feel free to access to the advanced setting panel and the customization control panel
    Tips about multitask pressure soothing by Leawo DVD Ripper
    More than one chapter automatically goes into the batch conversion sequence. That means the process will roll one by one until the last on the list.In the batch conversion sequence, you are allow to align all the chapters to the same settings or different settings separately
    If you want to rip the chapters and regroup them into a new video file, it is where the merge function is made use of
    Too many chapters on the waiting queue? Automatic shutdown feature takes charge for you.The computer will not turn off until all the tasks are nicely completed or the electricity goes out
    For more information, visit Leawo [url=]DVD Ripper[/url] on its product page
    [b]Knowledge about converting DVD to VOB[/b]
    What is DVD
    DVD stands for Digital Versatile/Video Disc,a type of optical disk technology similar to the CD-ROM. A DVD holds a minimum of 4.7GB of data, enough for a full-length movie.DVDs are commonly used as a medium for digital representation of movies and other multimedia presentations that combine sound with graphics.
    What is VOB
    VOB stands for DVD Video Object. The VOB file is one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains multiplexed Dolby Digital audio (normally AC3 format) and MPEG-2 video

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    jimmy6280, Oct 14, 2009
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