How to convert Mod/Mod to MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, M4V.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by fbluestocking, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Christmas is coming. *Happy Christmas!
    Most people will enjoy the wonderful festival. They usually record th
    life and activity of the Chritmas and want to enjoy them in th
    following days
    *'Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter
    can convert the .mod files recorded by most popular digital camcorder
    such as *Panasonic SV AV100, Canon MOD Camcorders, JVC* (MOD and TOD
    and *Panasonic *(MOD only) to all popular video formats then enjoy i
    on your computer, iPod Touch/Nano/Classic, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Creativ
    Zen and other Portable Devices
    Now I wil show you *how to convert your Mod/Tod videos to most popula
    video formats*
    *Step 0: Download and install 'Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter
    *Step 1: Add files
    Click [image] button t
    add your video files
    *Step 2: Set output video format
    Click “Profile” button from the drop-down list to select the outpu
    video format such as AVI, MPG, MPEG and WMV. You can click th
    “Settings” button to set parameters of your output video such as Fram
    Rate, Bitrate to get the best video quality as you want
    *Step 3: Start the converson
    Click the [image
    button to start the conversion
    The conversion will be finished with fast speed and perfect image/soun
    *1: How to split your Mod/Tod video
    The “Trim” function also servers as a video splitter. You can set th
    “Start Time” and “End Time” to set the time of the clip or you ca
    directly drag the slide bar to the accurate position. After cuttin
    your Mod/Tod videos into small clips you can upload them to YouTube
    Myspace and so on to share your video with people of the world
    *2: How to crop your Mod/Tod video size
    By using the “Crop” function you can crop the black edge of your vide
    and you can also drag the line around the video image to adjust you
    video to your mobile devices. With it you can enjoy and share your D
    with other people anytime and anywhere
    *3: How to join your Mod/Tod videos
    If you want to merge several Mod/Tod videos into one file you ca
    choose them and click the “Merge into one file” to do it
    *4: How to save your favorite picture
    If you like the current image of the video you can use the “Snapshot
    option. Just click the “Snapshot” button the image will be saved an
    you can click the “Open” button next to “Snapshot” button to open you
    With the help of Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter you can enjoy you
    Mod/Tod videos on your Portable Devices easily
    *Try it and enjoy your Colorful and Happy Christmas!

    'Best DVD Ripper' (
    fbluestocking, Dec 23, 2008
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  2. fbluestocking

    Mr Smyth Guest

    *'TuneCab' (* is your protected media converte
    and copier. Easy to use, simple to install, fast to convert! Feel fre
    from audio and video copy-protection with *TuneCab*

    * very easy to use and instal

    * has *'YouTube Ripper
    (* plugin an
    CD Rippe

    * *convert DVD* to iPod MPEG4, DivX, AAC-MPEG4 audio etc

    * can convert *'WMA to MP3

    * can convert *'M4P to MP3

    * can convert *'RAX to MP3

    * can convert *'Napster files to MP3

    * unprotect *'iTunes files

    * can convert *'Rhapsody files to MP3

    * can convert *'Yahoo! Music files to MP3

    * converts practically *ANY media* file which you can play on your P

    * converted songs and movies have *NO DRM* restrictions anymor

    * allows to convert complete folder structures and recreates thes
    structures on outpu

    * selectable compression level and output forma

    * supports to *50 input formats

    * super *fast conversion*, up to 50x the playback speed for audio file
    in batch mod

    * can convert in *HIFI and C*D qualit

    * now on *Windows x64


    *'FREE Download & Try' (
    Mr Smyth, Dec 24, 2008
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