How to Copy and Backup DVDs

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by undisclosed, May 7, 2010.

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    Many of my friends asked me how to make back-up copies of some of thei
    DVDs, and is it possible to play a movie on your pc, pause it, and the
    copy that image to desktop background? To be frank, I really don’t kno
    how to answer them. But now, with the help of a DVD Copier, I can easil
    solve their questions
    It is *4Easysoft 'DVD Copier
    (* which can easily copy DVD t
    DVD in 1:1 ratio or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5, backup DVD to DVD folder
    or ISO image files on your local disk, and burn DVD from local DV
    folders or ISO files. The following are the detail guide

    *Preparation:*Download and install *'4Easysoft DVD Copier


    *Step 1: Select DVD Source.
    After you have launched this software and inserted DVD to your DV
    driver, from the “Source” drop-down menu, you can load DVD folder or DV
    image IS
    *Step 2: Set the output information
    Audio: You can choose your output audio from the "Audio" drop-dow
    list, such as "all audio", "None" or some audio the DVD provide
    Subtitle: Subtitle is always an important thing, you can choose you
    output subtitle in "Subtitle" drop-down list
    Volume name: You can also name your output volume's nam
    *Step 3: Select the target and start the copy
    From the “Target” drop-down list, you can copy DVD to another DV
    disc, DVD folder or DVD image ISO
    Click "Start" button to begin your DVD Copying
    After the copy is done, a window will appear to inform you that th
    copy has been finished. Click "Finish" to close the window and end th


    *Tip 1:Select the copy mode
    Before you start the copy, you can choose to copy the “Full Disc” o
    “Main Movie
    *Full Disc:* Copy the entire DVD-Video discs, DVD-Video images (.iso
    or DVD-Video folders, including all the titles
    *Main Movie:* Copy the longest title contained in DVD-Video discs
    DVD-Video images (.iso) or DVD-Video folders to one DVD disc, gettin
    rid of the features and the movie trailers
    *Tip 2:Select preferences
    From the “Edit” drop-down list, you can click “Preferences” to choos
    the Snap Shot folder, Image type, etc


    *Tip 3: Has broad applicability
    This DVD copier software is compatible with DVD+-R/RW, DVD-RAM, mos
    DVD players and burners, and Dual Layer 8.5GB disc
    *Tip 4:Take snapshot
    While previewing your DVD movies, you can take your favorit
    Now just enjoy this wonderful tool&#65281

    *Related tools:
    *4Easysoft 'DVD to Video Converter
    It is one multifunctional DVD Video Converter, which brings you t
    convert DVD to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V, FLV, SWF, 3GP, and HD H.264, H
    AVI, HD MPG, HD TS, HD WMV, HD MPEG 4, HD MOV, HD ASF, and more. Thi
    DVD to Video Converter also available to convert DVD to your portabl
    players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Xbox, Wii... i
    great compatibility
    *4Easysoft Total 'Video Converter
    This converter can help you convert among all mainstream video an
    audio formats and help you take videos easily on PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone
    Apple TV, Xbox or other digital devices
    '4Easysoft HD Converter' (
    undisclosed, May 7, 2010
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