How to copy blu-ray to blank bluray disc?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Lex Xavier, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Lex Xavier

    Lex Xavier Guest

    With the price reduction of bluray devices, blu ray disc edition of
    movies are popular more and more. And usually if you purchase a bluray
    movie, you will get a dvd edition along with it. So more and more
    people like to purchase film in blu-ray disc. But how to make a copy
    of these blu ray movies and appreciate it on your big size HDTV, to
    avoid the original bluray being scratched?

    Don't worry, here is a guide of how. And the software here used is
    Ideal Blu-ray Copy. Ideal Blu-ray Copy is an ideal and efficient blu-
    ray copier, backup and burner software. It offers 10 days free full
    function trial. During the trial period, you can copy any blu ray disc
    to your computer hard drive as a BDMV folder or a single image ISO
    file, you also can burn the original blu ray disc to blank bluray
    directly just by one click, or burn blu ray folder or iso file from
    computer hard disk to blank blu ray without any function limitation.
    Now, download Ideal Blu-ray Copy from
    and install it, then follow the steps below.

    1) Launch Ideal Blu-ray Copy.
    2) Insert your original bluray disc to your blu ray ROM.
    3) Insert a blank bluray to the bluray burner.
    4) Click "Start" button to begin copying.

    If you only have one bluray drive, then you may follow the steps
    1) Launch Ideal Blu-ray Copy.
    2) Insert your original bluray disc to your blu ray ROM.
    3) Click "Start" button to begin copying.
    4) Insert a blank bluray disc when Ideal Blu-ray Copy ask for one and
    click "Yes" to continue. When finish reading the original bluray,
    Ideal Blu-ray Copy will eject the disc and ask for a blank one. Pay
    attention to the message, it will state which size of blu ray disc you
    Lex Xavier, Oct 10, 2011
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