How to delete the list of backup dates from Vista Ultimate

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by BigCat, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. BigCat

    BigCat Guest

    I've re-organised my files and folders so I deleted the last full system
    backup and 3 incremental backups of files and folders in preparation
    prior to running a new system backup. I've used the tutorials on Vista
    Forums to edit the registry so that now when I go to Backup and Restore
    Centre the two entries for last time I backed up files and folders and
    the entry for the last system backup have gone. However if I select
    Restore Files or Advanced Restore and tick select files from an older
    backup, the 3 dates for the backups I made are still listed :shock: I
    have turned off System Restore and used the disk clean up utility to
    remove restore points and shadow copies from all the hard disks but the
    list is still showing those 3 dates. If I try to select any of the dates
    and go through the process of finding a file to restore I can see the
    folder with the date showing when it was backed up then the file but
    when I select a file and click next I get the error code 0x8100001A. I
    expected this as the backup set is gone but how do I get rid of the
    information that says the file is backed up?
    BigCat, Aug 28, 2008
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  2. BigCat

    Wandering Guest

    You should never delete your previous backup prior to creating a new,
    current backup. You are left with no backup when starting a long process
    that may or may not complete successfully, and may even be the cause of the
    crash that requires you to use a backup to recover. If you need more room,
    try moving the prior backups, or restarting the cycle sooner so that you
    have less space used. Until you are certain the new backup actually works,
    it is a good idea to keep at least one prior backup at all times. I have
    more than once, had to step back a cycle to get a good backup. It doesn't
    much matter what software is used. It only takes one corrupt file or sector
    to kill the whole backup.

    Good luck.
    Wandering, Aug 29, 2008
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