How to:DNS and IP for forest to forest explicit one-way trust 2000 server

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by mp, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. mp

    mp Guest

    Can someone tell me if this sounds right before I try
    it? I want to set up a one way trust from a 2000 server
    to a 2003 exchange server. Both servers are DC's on
    separate domains. The exchange server will be the trusted
    server. The 2000 server will point to itself as primary
    DNS, as does the exchange server point to itself. the
    2000 server will have a "." in the forward lookup. It
    will not have to resolve beyond itself. The 2000 domain
    will need to be accessible by the workstations in the
    exchange domain. A drive will be mapped from the
    exchange domain for the 2000 server. 1)Should the
    exchange server have the 2000 server domain name included
    in the forward look up to aid in finding the 2000 server
    or will the explicit trust itself allow the exchange
    server to find the 2000 server? 2) Can I leave out the
    gateway for the 2000 server since it will be a strictly
    private use domain, or will it not mater since I included
    the "." in the forward lookup (whats the best option for
    performance)? 3)What makes this an external trust (forest
    to forest) the one-way type of trust? or will these
    domains actually be in the same forest? Please reply to
    all or any part of this scenario. Thanks
    mp, Jul 5, 2004
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