HOW-TO: Dungeon Keeper 2 in Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Andy, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Hi there I figured it out.

    I have done everything in this forum. to the letter

    1. Reinstalled Dungeon Keeper 2 (Fresh Dir)

    2. as my installation auto installs Patch 1.7 i didn't do that part.

    3. On the Shortcut i applied
    Windows XP service Pack 2,
    Disable Visual Theme
    Disable Desktop Composition
    and check in Run as Admin

    4. Then started the game and Black Screen

    5. Go to Options and Disable Hardware Acc. and accept

    INFO: Screen is still black on my com, this is because you need to restart the game's Graphical Engine with the new settings.

    6. Don't Close the game Just start a map, (ANY map)

    7. Game should work Properly now With the Black Screen Gone as the Game's Graphical Engine had to reboot to make the map

    INFO: If you close the game without starting a map after settings, I got the Problem that Hardware Acc. was still Activated after restart of game.

    8 Now if you change settings and start a map after that, the game saves the setting, and you shouldn't have to do this again.

    as for the sudden crash of the game (Random crash), i found out, at least at my com, this is due to driver problems between the Windows 7/Vista CD-drive and the game's OLD engine.

    This can be fixed with a NO-CD crack (I know this is not entirely Legal, but if you own the game as i do, then a NO-CD crack is legal at least here where i live)

    as for the NO-cd crack i found one at also known there as Windows XP fix. don't do as the text says just copy the DKII file and use the shortcut with the allready set settings. and it worked fine for over 4 hours at my com No crash at all.

    ofcourse you lose the "movies" in the game this way.

    Hope this helps.

    INFO: I had Problems running this game Since i upgraded My graphical Card Probaly model Geforce 4 Series back then, after i upgraded to Windows Vista i never got it to run, and gave up, then i got Windows 7 and tryed again, and Failed.

    Resently i tryed Virtuel PC with a Windows XP and i got the problem that the game ran very slowly and poorly, so gave up, and i tryed browsing the web and found this page.

    Thanks for all the reply and the suggestions, They helped me a lot.

    Jacob Svensson wrote:

    Dosen't work for me :(

    Hi there...

    I tryed all the replys here, None works for me.

    I run on a Windows 7 64-bit
    Geforce GTX-285 1 GDDR5
    8 GB DDR3 1600 Ram

    The Dungeon Keeper Edition i have i think it's the Silver and installs the patch 1.7 at Intsllation.

    So no need to update it after install.

    The Problem is The Famus "Black" screen but Menus are there incl the bar adn all that.

    I tryed to disable the Hardware Acc. in Options in the game, and accept the new settings by clicking the yes Icon.

    but still black screen. The DirctX Driver says Primary Display Driver.

    Then if i click inside the Options again, the mark at Hardware Acc. is still there, like it never toke it of.???

    Help me please, Really miss this game..

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  2. i am familiar with the black screen problem. i have reported it t
    electronic arts to get a sollution. it have to do with something calle
    z buffer. modern graphics drivers rarely support it. turning of
    hardware solves the problem. just untick the hardware option then star
    playing. read the readme for advanced commands
    andreasaspenber, Feb 12, 2010
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