How to edit import iTunes Music Video Movie with Windows movie maker

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by windbell, Jul 15, 2009.

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    iTunes monopolization

    "I purchased videos on iTunes, but I can't import it with Windows Movie Maker, because they are in some 'protected' M4V format that only works on iPods iPhone. How can I convert iTunes videos to AVI or WMV format so I can edit iTunes Movie with windows Movie maker?"

    How to convert iTunes video M4V to WMV AVI for Windows Movie Maker to make a slikeshow

    I searched on Google, Yahoo answers and post the question on large number of forums, unfortunately, after scouring the Web for days, I couldn't find a FREE way to convert M4V to MPEG, WMV or AVI format.

    Then I tried to burn the iTunes video onto a DVD and re-import it into iTunes just like how to remove the protection from the iTunes audios (M4P) by burning it onto a CD and re-import it as mp3. I failed, cause iTunes doesn’t have a DVD burning option, then I used Nero, but it still doesn’t work as Nero doesn’t supports M4V format.

    And finally, a software solution. I came across a few kinds of converters on Google search, they are Tunebite, Daniusoft and Noteburner. When I was testing the free trials one by one, what makes me comfortable is the Daniusoft media converter Pro which has a much more simple interface (which I captured from its website below) and usage, it lets you convert copy-protected M4V iTunes video clips to unprotected WMV and other video with only three steps (Add files->Choose output format->Conversion). And this media converter "watches" as you play the video on your screen and captures the video stream, which can then be saved in the format you choose. According to the Daniusoft website, This DRM media converter does not circumvent DRM copy-protection technology, so it is completely legal. It costs US$39, but you can download a trial version that will convert the first 60 seconds of the video for free.

    Finally, please remember to keep the converted iTunes video files only for personal use because of the restrictions imposed by iTunes. Otherwise, it might be smarter (and possibly cheaper) to just buy the video on disk.
    windbell, Jul 15, 2009
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