How to find out which entry causes sync problems??? Will we EVER see such a feature?

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Michael Moser, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Since a few days I seem to have calendar and task entries that cause
    problems during synchrionization.

    When synchronizing AS always first swipes through the apps and reports
    how many changes there are. This pass always goes fine.
    Then the problems apparently surface in two different ways (or then
    these are two different bugs):

    variant A: During the second run-through it actually synchronizes the
    stuff and one way the problem manifests is, that during that second pass
    synchronization of the Calendar or Task hangs for a long time (like >1
    minute) and then the connection is dropped.

    variant B: sometimes that second run gets through and then for a few a
    seconds ALL items (including all Calendar and Task entries) are shown as
    "Synchronized" but a few moments later always one Calendar and three
    Task entries are shown as "1|3 items not synchronized".

    Clicking on the displayed "Resolve items..." link doesn't show the items
    but rather triggers another swipe through all items with the same
    result, i.e. either it hangs and finally the connection gets dropped or
    synchronization goes through and the items are again shortly displayed
    as "Synchronized" and a few seconds later as "...not synchronized"

    Very tedious and unsatisfactory!

    And - as I know AS - there is no decent way, no log, nothing, to find
    out WHICH items causes that problem. Will we EVER see such a feature?
    May I modestly suggest to MS development to schedule this requirement
    not later than, say, version 8 (somewhen in 2020 maybe...)?

    Michael Moser, Mar 15, 2005
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  2. Michael Moser

    Illuminati Guest

    Looks like some corruption ?

    BTW for the logs Click Start - Run - %Temp% - OK and look for wcesmgr.log
    and Outstore.log. Though they may appear cryptic.. posting parts which give
    errors might help identifying the culprit... I guess you were looking in the
    wrong place for the logs ? MS always has everything logged... cryptic or not!
    Illuminati, Mar 15, 2005
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  3. Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev], Mar 15, 2005
  4. Hi Illuminati - thanks for the pointer to the .logs!

    While I have to admit that I was wrong in that there is no log at all,
    alas, I have to say, that the logs don't really provide much clue as to
    which entries are the offending ones - at least not to an end user:
    there seems absolutelely no end-user interpretable identification of any
    record. I append a copy of my last sync, i.e. I first removed the old
    log file, then connected the device, went through one sync and then
    disconnected again.

    Is there any mean to figure out from that file what went wrong? Any
    possibility to translate these oid's into something that allows me to
    correlate that with specific records?


    PS.: in them meantime I was actually able to resolve my issue: I always
    have a conflict policy of "Leave items unresolved" and - if there are
    any conflicts - I prefer to see them and to resolve them manually (i.e.
    by clicking on the "resolve items..." link and then comparing the two
    sides and deciding myself which one to keep). Only with these recent
    conflicts that link never worked as expected and instead of presenting
    the conflicting items, ActiveSync rather went through another useless
    swipe through the list and ended up in another display of "x unresolved

    So, this time, while I was already at it, I temporarily changed that
    policy setting to "replace items on my device" and then synced again
    and - surprise, surprise - after the next sync the conflicts were all
    gone! But I would still prefer to be able to resolve such issues without
    simply overwriting one side!
    Michael Moser, Mar 16, 2005
  5. Thanks for the pointer. Alas, there seems no good way to resolve issues
    with Calendar and Task entries. That "copy all out and then in again in
    chunks" works with files (there I regularly have to do that...), but not
    really with calendar items and tasks...

    Thanks anyway!
    Michael Moser, Mar 16, 2005
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