How to fix unresolved calendar item?

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Phil, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Phil

    Phil Guest

    When I sync, I have an unresolved item in my Pocket PC
    calendar. But I don't know which item is causing the
    problem. I've read "move the calendar items to a
    temporary folder and then move them back 1 by 1, synching
    in between each until you find the culprit." I don't know
    how to do that. Can someone tell how to do this, me step
    by step? I have WIN XP, Office 2003 and Active sync 3.7.1

    Thanks in advance,
    Phil, Sep 21, 2004
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  2. Phil

    Raj Pillai Guest

    Hello Phil,

    Before you try to move all your appointments, search for scanpst.exe on your
    computer. Usually the location of the file in Windows XP

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\NT\scanpst.exe

    Note: C: might need to be replaced with appropriate drive letter.

    You will need to run it against the .pst file. Usually the name is
    Outlook.pst. If you are unable to locate the path of the .pst file, do the

    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Click File -> Data File Management
    3. This should list all the PST files that are present. Click Open Folder
    and you should find the storage path of your *.pst file.

    The steps that are involved to move appointments 1 by 1 would be as follows:

    1. Open Outlook and goto Calendar.
    2. Right-click the Calendar folder and create a new folder of Calendar
    3. Click View -> Arrange by -> Date (This will list all your appointments
    4. Select All (Press CTRL + A) and drag the selected items into your new
    5. Synchronize and verify. If successful, proceed by moving small batches
    of appointments back to the original folder.
    Raj Pillai, Sep 21, 2004
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  3. Phil

    Guest Guest


    The scanpst.exe found and fixed errors, but the unresolved
    item persists. Next, I'll do the "move calendar items"
    fix. I really appreciate the detailed instructions.


    Guest, Sep 21, 2004
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