How to forward Port 80 to 85 on ISA

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Tom Csanadi, May 20, 2004.

  1. Tom Csanadi

    Tom Csanadi Guest

    Running SBS 2000, We are running Apache Tomcat web server on port 85. I
    would like to it to be available on port 80 from the outside, How do I set
    up a port forward in ISA to do this, Also will this affect OWA?
    Tom Csanadi, May 20, 2004
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  2. You need to use a web publishing rule. Check out for articles
    in that particular issue (look for an example that has 4 servers and 2 on
    different ports).

    OWA could be affected if you are running it on 80 instead of 443
    (HTTPS/SSL). I would change it to 443 if that's the case... if you want to
    keep it on 80 you could still workaround it (AFAIK) by creating a web
    publishing rule that points to itself and using the OWA FQDN.
    Javier Gomez [SBS MVP], May 20, 2004
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  3. Tom Csanadi

    Tony Su Guest

    As Javier notes,
    You can configure a Web Publishing rule to do PAT.

    Configure your Incoming Web Listener for port 80 and the
    Action tab of your Web Publishing rule for port 85.

    Be aware though of an <undocumented bug> where some
    dynamic content does not publish correctly when changing

    Aside from OWA being one example of dynamicly generated
    content (but you're not publishing OWA on an Apache, right?
    <G>), I don't know of an issue deploying OWA on port 80 vs
    443 except that the automatic redirect doesn't seem to

    Tony Su

    Tony Su, May 21, 2004
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