how to get permission for Shell.Application in JScript in local files (file://...html)?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Jeff, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    When I try to use Shell.Application, e.g.

    var objShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");

    in JScript an html file on a local disk (accessed by file: instead of by
    http:), I get a JScript error "permission denied". I tried changing the
    security setting for "Local intranet" to Low, but that didn't make any
    difference. I tried putting the file path into "Trusted Sites", but it told
    me it only accepts https sites.

    What do I need to do so that Internet Explorer will run Shell.Application
    functions in a local html file?

    Jeff, Feb 17, 2009
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  2. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    It's in Internet Options, Advanced, Security:
    "Allow Active Content to run in files on My Computer"
    Jeff, Feb 23, 2009
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