How to protect video from piracy?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by ddn85602, Oct 29, 2010.

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    How to protect video from piracy?

    More and more people upload their video files to internet sites, and problem of video protection from unauthorized usage becomes more and more important.

    The most effective way is to apply watermarks – for example text with site’s address or graphical logotype. Even if someone uses such video content, it will only advertise the author.

    However, it is very simple to cut out logotypes of such type using any program for video editing.

    Cut off part of video giving up small part of a frame - and your video will lose any protection! Or if watermark is displayed only at the beginning, – simply to cut out video scene with watermark…

    Of course, watermark could be applied in a way that it couldn’t be cut out, but at that image will suffer as will contain one big watermark.

    Solution I’m offering here is very simple. You need to create watermarks which would appear in different places, be shown during some period of time and faded, appear again but in other places (or the same) and so on several times while playing video.

    Evidently, for one thing, it’s difficult to cut off such watermark (especially if it appears in different places), to cut out the scene if there’re several ones, and the main thing - every such watermark needs individual processing - it will tire anyone!

    And how to make several watermarks that would appear and fade randomly. I can suggest to use Watermark Master program. Using its wizard it’s simple to implement that.

    In a nutshell, run Watermark Master (Google), following wizard instructions – select text watermark, click Next until you get Watermark Timeline Settings, set time for watermark displaying, 10 seconds, for example; using Advanced button, select “Display repeatedly” option - set time for pause between watermarks displaying and that’s all!

    However wizard will create only one watermark, if you need more – go back to main application and Copy-Paste required number times, for every new watermark, mix Timeline – and that’s all.

    Hope, it will help someone, if you have any questions, write and I’ll answer more fully.
    ddn85602, Oct 29, 2010
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