How to resolve MSN Messenger 7.5 sign-in issue; firewall configura

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by brett, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. brett

    brett Guest

    hi all,

    ever since upgrading from msn messenger 7 to version 7.5 it never logged in
    for me. from what i can see on the newsgroups this appears to be a very
    common issue. it is the firewall (i run norton firewall) that blocks this
    version of messenger, which then basically hangs the computer. you can check
    this by unloading msn messenger 7.5 from the tray (before you sign-in to
    messenger and hang the pc), disable your firewall whilst messenger is
    unloaded, then reload messenger and sign-in successfully - re-enable the
    firewall and it will then drop the connection.

    to resolve;

    1. unload msn messenger 7.5 from the lower-right tray (right-click on the
    icon and choose exit). if you're unable to do this because it's tried to
    sign-in unsuccesfully and then hangs, reboot your pc and unload msn from the
    tray before sign-in.

    2. go into your firewall settings and find the 'configure programs' option.
    you should have msn messenger in the list, if not add this application
    (either by automatic search or manually finding the exe file). you'll notice
    that by default (Norton Firewall at least) will have 'automatic' - you'll
    need to change this to 'permit all' (for some reason the automatic setting in
    norton's still blocks this new version - it also doesn't prompt to
    automatically configure messenger either; as it does with other
    internet-connecting applications upon connection).

    3. load msn messenger 7.5 from the start menu and sign-in!

    brett, Sep 2, 2005
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  2. brett

    courtney675 Guest

    I did all of that, but I still couldn't sign in. I am going to just go back
    to 7.0 I guess. :(
    courtney675, Sep 17, 2005
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