How to reterive e-mail from diffrent domain?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by susantha silva, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. I am having a problem understanding the specific solution for the following
    situation. I've a client who is having a head office and 50 franchisees. The
    head office has been registered to and their mail is hosted in
    the ISP side as a global pop3 account. The franchisees getting their e-mail
    account from that global pop3 account. If franchisees purchase SBS servers
    and wanted to maintain their own exchange server, how can they maintain
    their pop3 accounts? Please note they cannot register the

    So what I was thinking is get a static ip and a different domain name to
    each of their offices (eg: so if I register that domain
    name to a franchisee can he still access the mails from the mail
    account? Does he have to stick to the POP3 connector in the SBS or can he
    totally move to the Exchange? I don't mind POP3 connector but I've heard it
    is not very reliable.

    So what is the ideal solution for this scenario? I am starting t learn about
    SBS and I already came up with this complicated issue which is too much for
    me at this time so I'd appreciate some advise and guidance. I'm also having
    problem configuring POP3 connector because I couldn't find any easy to
    follow documentation so far.

    susantha silva, Dec 16, 2005
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  2. susantha silva

    James Guest

    Are the franchisees wanting more than one email address?

    Is not also possible for having one SBS server at the head office and the
    remote franchisees using Outlook RPC over HTTP for email and RWW for the
    companyweb etc.

    Another thought would be to create a site-to-site VPN?

    I am more ideas based so I can't provide the in-depth technical ideas but I
    am sure other would have some technical details.

    James, Dec 16, 2005
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  3. susantha silva

    Joe Guest

    It depends on what the hosting ISP offers. You may find you
    have a choice as to whether is a POP3 mailbox or a
    forwarding rule to another email address. If the latter, you can operate
    the regional SBS mail servers on SMTP, and get all the mail for the
    people there forwarded to their 'real' email addresses e.g. I don't think there should be any need to
    register additional domains. This does require that 'local-isp' is
    willing to deliver by SMTP. Few domestic ISPs will, you generally
    need a fairly professional one.

    If you want to receive mail directly by SMTP, then you do need new
    domains, with appropriate DNS records. This means that the email
    addresses would not be '', with a reduction in branding.
    Either the franchisor or franchisees may not be in favour of this.
    "Extremely flaky" is the most charitable expression I'd use. If the
    domain hosting ISP only offers POP3 mailboxes, not forwarding, then you
    can use a regional SBS to download the specific mailboxes for the people
    at that site, or you could consider moving the domain to an ISP which
    does do forwarding. If you can't persuade the built-in POP3 connector
    to do the job, I believe there are third-party Windows programs which
    do so reliably. I use a non-Windows one on a separate server.
    Probably the best way overall, as has been suggested, is for the head
    office to receive all mail for by SMTP to an Exchange server,
    which then forwards copies to the users at the regional offices, which
    also receive by SMTP. With 50 branches, the head office would probably
    be over the 75 account limit and would have to use the full Windows 2003
    server with Exchange. This does mean that the users all have to have two
    CALs, one for their own SBS and one for the head office system, but the
    added flexibility may well make the extra cost worthwhile. It would be
    possible for the users to collect their own mail by POP3 or IMAP from
    the head office, but I think a local email repository at each branch is
    a better idea.
    Joe, Dec 16, 2005
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