How to trigger generation of the ASR files for ASR backup

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Alex, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Alex

    Alex Guest

    Hello, All!

    I have a following scenario:
    Environment: W2K3 DC and 1 XP client.

    Beside standard folders WINDOWS, Program Files etc, DC hosts shares with the
    user data. The idea is the following separate the backup of the ASR from the
    backup of the shares. ASR backup is the scope of that post.

    I want to have a backup with the ASR data for the floppy disk which would
    allow me to restore the DC in case of its failure, but I don't want to have
    the copy of the entire C: drive in my ASR backup which is generated using the
    ASR Wizard.

    I noticed that when you use the ASR Wizard, it also generates extra files in
    the C:\Windows\Repair folder which did not exist before. Files
    - asrpnp.sif
    - asr.sif
    - ntdll.ASR
    - smss.ASR
    are among them. Those and some other files are getting updated as soon as
    the ASR Wizard is used in order to generate the ASR backup set.

    As a work around I start ASR Wizard and then stop it after it updates those
    files. Then I delete the reference to tthe ASR Backup in the catalog. After
    that I run my selective backup which includes System State and necessary
    files/folders (Windows, Program Files).


    1. Is there any other way to trigger generation of the data for the ASR
    backup set?

    2. Is there any other NTBackup-friendly procedure to accomplish my goal - to
    have only necessary folders and files plus files for the ASR floppy, without
    other folder with user data?

    Thank you,
    Alex, Jun 14, 2006
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