How to uninstall Beta2 Preview when all else fails

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Si-L, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Si-L

    Si-L Guest

    Just thought I'd post a comprehensive list of all the solutions to common
    problems. I take no credit for coming up with this stuff, I'm just the
    curator. It's all of the hardworking posters and MVPs and people who just

    Rous & Associates, nitromikey, MVP Sandi Hardmeier, grabbo, etc. you guys rock

    Here's what to do:

    Go to Add/Remove programs and find the IE7 entry. If you can't see it then
    It might be that the ticky box "show updates" needs ticking, or that it's
    hiding in the Windows Components bit. IE7B2P is def in the main window though.

    This will launch the uninstaller. If you can't get that to work or the entry
    realy doesn't exist...

    Execute spuninst.exe e.g. in:

    Note that "%windir%" is a special environment variable that stores your
    windows path, eg. c:\windows. You should be able to just type it in, but if
    it doesn't work then navigate there directly.

    If you haven't got this (bear in mind it's hidden, so enable hidden folders
    in explorer, or just navigate directly there from the address bar (or command
    line), then download this:
    and extract to your %windir%. Now go to the %windir%\$NtUninstallie7bet2p$\
    or similar folder to run the spuninst.exe program.

    If you get the registry update hanging, get to a run prompt (ie.
    ctrl-alt-delete to get task manager, then file->run, or start->run, or
    Windows key + R) type "regedit" and press Enter

    Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / AppEvents / Schemes / Apps / Explorer /

    Remove the box at the end of whatever keys are there. I had "Default0[]".
    The box looks a bit like "[]", but is actually the character used when a
    unicode character is present but the system font hasn't got a representation
    for it. It may be that you actually see a strange or foreign character
    (unless it's your language lol) after whatever key is there.

    Edit by right clicking on the folder and selecting "rename".

    The install which is running in the background should now complete. Note
    that it takes a while > 5 minutes on my Athlon64 3000+.

    Then rebooot the machine TWICE.

    Make sure you disable windows update.

    Open %windir% e.g. c:\windows and delete any folder that might be there:
    e.g. $NtUninstallie7bet2p$

    Open regedit and delete the following key that points to ie7:

    e.g. ie7b2pmx in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP0
    reboot the machine once and then reinstall the new build.

    If you are in the situation where your OS appears dead (ie. you got scared
    and rebooted and now it complains about missing msfeeds.dll, or iexxx.dll or
    Normaliz - and your desktop won't load properly) Don't panic! follow the
    steps above. You won't be able to launch explorer, so you'll need to do
    everything via the command line or the task manager. Get task manager up with
    ctrl-alt-del, and use file-> run as your explorer substitute to find all the
    files and stuff. Note that "cmd" will launch a command line. You can also run
    control panel apps, like the Add/Remove programs by typing "control
    appwiz.cpl" (no quotes) in the run box. If you need to access the web, then
    you will be best off getting hold of portable firefox,

    If you get the complaint to the tune of "IE wasn't installed by this user",
    then you'll need to set the key
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer] with value
    "InstalledByUser" = "<your user name>". In regedit.

    Hope all this helps!
    Si-L, Apr 26, 2006
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  2. Hi Si-L,

    First of all, I wrote an app that does most of that for you already, it's
    available on: (it now launches the uninstaller app,
    if it exists, or helps you choose which one to download)

    Click on the "My uninstall directory has been deleted, or does not exist,
    what do I do now?"

    Under the errors section, it references to a web-based application available
    on our web server.

    Could you email me at [email protected][removeme] I'd like to discuss that
    other error you mentioned. I want to add it to the program I wrote for our
    consultants, and I made available for the public. I'd like a copy of the
    errant registry entry, if possible (an exported .reg file would be great). To
    add it to our program, I'd like to know if it always appears that way
    ("default[]"). Also, if it's a key, the name of the value, or in the data
    string of the value. It doesn't matter if the value isn't a "[]", as long as
    it is always the same.

    Chris Cost
    Rous and Associates, L.L.C.
    Computer Consultants for Arizona

    Rous and Associates, Apr 26, 2006
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