Howto move approvals from WSUS to new WSUS

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Rob, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Does anyone know how to move the approvals from an existing WSUS server to a
    new WSUS server?
    Rob, Oct 24, 2005
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  2. wsusutil.exe migratesus /approvals SUSServerName /log filename

    For example:

    wsusutil.exe migratesus /approvals sus1 /log remote_migration.log

    By default this tool is found in:

    WSUS install drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Server Update

    Note: You do have to make sure that SUS is not synchronizing
    before you migrate content or approvals.

    Arjan de Vries
    Arjan de Vries, Oct 24, 2005
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  3. Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Oct 24, 2005
  4. I was to fast with posting a answer. The tool is mentioned is only for
    migrating patches from a sus server to a wsus server.

    Arjan de Vries, Oct 24, 2005
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thanks guys,

    I tried the sus method just for giggles, but it didn't even recognize the
    WSUS server. I hope you are right Torgeir, cause I need something fast :)
    I'll keep and eye out for the tool. I did notice a Update Services API
    samples recently made available, but I did not see the approvals migration.
    Thanks the same.
    Rob, Oct 25, 2005
  6. Rob... pending the release of the "Approval Migration Tool", you should be
    able to simply detach the SUSDB from the database instance on the old server
    and re-attach to the new server.
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Oct 25, 2005
  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Good idea,

    We tried just that and it appears to be working fine, but I have not fully
    confirmed all aspects.

    We performed the steps below:

    1) Using SQL Enterprise Manager, backed up existing WSUS (MSDE) database.
    2) Installed WSUS on new server, using SQL 2000 Std. Synchronization was
    not performed.
    3) Stopped Update Service on new server
    4) Restored MSDE data to new server
    5) Restarted Update service
    6) Performed WSUS sync on new server
    7) Copied WSUSContent folder to new server
    8) Updated GPO for test OU to point to new server
    9) performed gpupdate /force
    10) Rebooted test OU members
    11) performed wuauclt /detectnow on test OU members

    Preliminary results indicate normal operation so far. Some clients had no
    updates due, but WSUS the client reported checking in. Others had updates
    due, and this worked normally. All data and configurations appeared to have
    survived the procedure.

    Rob J

    Rob, Oct 26, 2005
  8. Thanks for the feedback!

    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Oct 26, 2005
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