HP All-in-one printers disappearing when there are changes in the network status

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by mlai, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. mlai

    cybergoobr Guest

    It worked for me....thanks Rob!!!

    cybergoobr, Jul 6, 2007
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  2. mlai

    Bobski Guest

    Bobski here- I am having same problem with Vista and HP all in one 3310-
    loaded four times, lasts a few days and dissapears. just with vista, not XP
    Pro. what to do?

    Bobski, Jul 11, 2007
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  3. mlai

    Bobski Guest

    anyone come up with a fix yet, my hp all in one 3310 has been lost three or
    four times
    Bobski, Jul 11, 2007
  4. mlai

    Bobski Guest

    Bobski, Jul 11, 2007
  5. mlai

    Greg Webb Guest

    I get hte same run around fron hp, i have to re-install my printer software at least once a week. This is really getting to be a pain in the u know what. I am running Vista 32 home premium and it used to work just fine on XP. I also have 4 other pc's using vista and all machine encounter he same error with the printer. If someone has heard of a fix i sure would like to know.

    EggHeadCafe.com - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Greg Webb, Jul 15, 2007
  6. mlai

    redcattoo Guest

    I just want to add that this too frustrates me ... everytime Vista seems to
    perform an automatic upgrade all my network printers dissapper and I have to
    reinstall, but of course I don't notice until I really want to print.

    If anyone has found a solution (which I presume is currently a Vista
    problem) please let me know. I am tired of my printer being gone everytime I
    need it.

    redcattoo, Jul 19, 2007
  7. mlai

    redcattoo Guest

    I am becoming very frustrated by what seems to be the same issue everyone is
    discussing re: printers dissappearing (usually when Vista does an automatic
    upgrade it seems). Of course it always occurs when I most need the printer
    and therefore I have to go throught the lengthy install for my wireless HP
    printer. Has anyone found a solution (to what I presume is a vista issue)?

    redcattoo, Jul 19, 2007
  8. mlai

    MikeWilson Guest

    Just a suggestion/idea...how many have UAC enabled? Have you tried
    turning UAC off, then reinstalling the photosmart drivers?

    Good luck,
    MikeWilson, Jul 20, 2007
  9. mlai

    redcattoo Guest

    I am only average with moving around computers (significantly better than my
    parents though) ... what is UAC enabled mean? How would I know if it is UAC
    enabled? How/why would turning it off eliminate the printers dissappearing
    each time my system seems to upgrade itself?
    redcattoo, Jul 20, 2007
  10. mlai

    MikeWilson Guest

    MikeWilson, Jul 27, 2007
  11. mlai

    redcattoo Guest

    Thanks Mike ... that link appears to have some positive news ... I have
    disabled the HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service and hope this helps my HP C7180.
    Its been a couple of days and my printer hasn't disappeared yet.
    redcattoo, Jul 29, 2007
  12. This is a know problem. The blame is 50%. Part of it is the bugs in the new MS Vista stack. Part is on the HP service crashing when the driver fails and triggering HP CUE Device discovery to delete the printer. HP is working on a patch. If somebody volunteers a share I can send the updated DLLs.

    EggHeadCafe.com - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Justice Partner, Aug 3, 2007
  13. mlai

    just4partner Guest

    This is a know problem. The blame is 50% HP 50% MS. Part of it is the
    bugs in the new MS Vista TCP/IP stack; make sure you have the latest
    drivers for your network adapter. The other part is on the HP service
    crashing when the driver fails and triggering HP CUE Device discovery
    to delete the printer. HP is working on a patch. If somebody volunteers
    a share I can send the updated DLLs.
    just4partner, Aug 3, 2007
  14. mlai

    Lynn Guest

    Hi Rob,

    I'd love to try this. How do I find the computer management services? Do I
    need to completely uninstall and reinstall the HP software (about an hour)?
    Or is it somewhere I can access now?

    Lynn, Aug 5, 2007
  15. mlai

    alljs2 Guest

    I did have the same annoying problems with my HP printer especially
    getting the scanner function. I did receive various responses from HP
    but one actually worked and although the printer/network sleeps it
    always is recognized and functions. The drivers and software on the
    install disks sold with these printers only function up thru XP but not
    Vista. Here is the link to get Vista version download for HP.


    Sorry the addr is so long it wouldn't insert the full url as a link so
    just copy and paste the full addr for the full function software for
    Vista. Hope it resolves other's problem too.
    alljs2, Aug 9, 2007
  16. mlai

    Mikeyboards Guest

    I kept having disappearing printer problems even after downloading and
    installing the Vista drivers, etc. The only thing that sort of solved
    the problem, while replacing it with a different annoyance, was
    directly connecting my HP6150 to my Vista computer via USB cable. Note
    that I still have the printer connected to the network via wireless
    router, so this Vista computer is connected in two ways to the printer,
    via USB and via the router/ethernet cable. (Is that legal?!)

    Now instead of disappearing printers in my printers folder, I have one
    or two extra copies of the printer. (If I get rid of one, it just
    reinstalls itself. So I leave them all alone.) I just make sure the
    one I have marked as the default printer stays marked as the default
    printer, and that my preferred settings are designated there (such as
    default print quality, etc.).

    I don't know if this will help in other people's situation, if there is
    more than one Vista computer attached to the network and using that
    printer. I happen to have only an XP laptop attached to the network,
    (besides the Vista computer that's now linked to the printer in two
    ways). So I'm not sure if someone else would find the printer still
    disappearing on a Vista computer that's not connected by usb to the
    printer but is on the network.

    With the problems this HP product has caused me, I'm quite unlikely to
    ever purchase an HP again.

    Mike E
    Mikeyboards, Aug 13, 2007
  17. mlai

    redcattoo Guest

    FYI: For anyone reading this string ... as it is growing long ... Mike
    Wilson's link to directions to disable the HP CUE Device discovery has worked
    for me (until HP finds a patch) ... since following the directions at Mike's
    provided link I have not lost my printer again :) which is very much welcomed!
    redcattoo, Aug 19, 2007
  18. mlai

    binaryboyz Guest

    As u said.
    I would like to see those DLL files so that i can do some research on
    this issue.


    binaryboyz, Oct 21, 2007
  19. mlai

    John H Guest

    I have just installed a HP 6310 about a week ago and am encountering the
    same problem. I reinstalled the software then disabled HP CUE Device
    discovery (I also tried the fix provided by HP
    "CIT223969-HPCOM-Baloo32-v4(2).exe" but when I ran it, it said I didn't have
    any applicable HP devices - perhaps because I ran it after disabling the HP

    I will see if this suggestion works. I am debating returning the 6310 and
    maybe trying something with network capabilities from Canon. I am a little
    surprised with both MS and HP that a problem such as this (this thread
    started five months ago) doesn't seem to have an official fix!
    John H, Nov 23, 2007
  20. mlai

    jgrobert Guest

    I have an HP 6310 on my SOHO network and access it from two computers running
    Vista 64. One is a laptop and the other a workstation. I have been fighting
    this for months.

    I have hounded HP and they number of incidents sent to MS probably goes over
    100. I agree that it is very difficult to understand why both of these
    companies just ignore this. Don't they care?

    Anyway, any future small items such as scanner or printer that I buy WILL
    NOT BE HP. This driver issues is not new to HP. I had two HP scanners that
    I had to discard simply because HP would not update the drivers as the OSes
    changed. My HP Color Laserjet seams to have good drivers and support.

    I have had exceptionally good experience with the Epson scanner and photo
    printer. They are on USB and not Ethernet but they work perfectly all the
    time and NO driver isses and that includes Vist 64.

    I am thinking of filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about
    these HP products not being suitable to etheir intended use. ALL complaints
    are susposed to be answered.

    The more who do that the more effect it will have.
    jgrobert, Dec 9, 2007
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