HP Laptop - lost my sound after installing updates

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by five256, May 4, 2010.

  1. five256

    five256 Guest

    Sometimes, after installing MS updates or other apps, I lose my sound.
    The only way I get it back is to use System Restore to a point where the
    sound worked. However, then I don't have the updates or apps. This
    tells me that it's a software problem with Vista - not a hardware
    problem. Now, I am about 11 MS updates behind - and no sound. Also, the
    System Restore doesn't work anymore (I no longer have a Restore point
    where the sound worked). I've Googled and have found that many people
    have similar problems with their HP laptops. I am using Vista, SP-2. I
    am now going to ionstall the updates since I can't go back to get the
    sound. I've checked in Device Manager (no problem) and made sure I'm
    using the most recent signed driver. I can't find any text indication
    that I have a problem but when I go to Playback Options and try the sound
    Test, I get a message which says the sound didn't play. Hope I included
    all the relevant information. If not, please tell me. I've tried
    everything I know of. I have a full backup of my hard drive - but don't
    see how that can help. Perhaps one of you can help me or point me in the
    right direction. I don't know where to go from here.
    five256, May 4, 2010
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  2. This seems to be caused by the Windows update; however you should really
    contact the HP support people, since they are supposed to support the
    hardware and OEM Windows edition that was preinstalled on the computer when
    purchased (assuming you haven't installed a standard retail edition).

    They will probably suggest you update the hardware drivers from their
    website; it's not advisable to rely on, or allow Windows Update to update
    drivers for sound or video hardware, especially for laptops from OEM's like
    HP, Acer, Dell etc with integrated "onboard" sound or video. They should
    have the drivers available from their websites.

    In the meantime try going to Control Panel and to the Device Manager and
    double check the "author" of the driver is HP rather than Microsoft; if it's
    the MS driver, try to use the "rollback" feature to load the previously used
    driver for the sound card/chip.

    You might want to change the updates options to notify you they are ready to
    install rather than automatically installing, since Windows will probably
    try and install anything it thinks needs updating including hardware drivers
    (although hardware updates are usually "optional" rather than "critical" or
    "important") but these should be downloaded separately from the manufacturer
    website as mentioned above - don't rely on Windows Update for the device
    drivers that it offers.

    One last thing you can try, delete the sound item from Device Manager, close
    down and restart the computer, and it should reboot and reload the drivers.

    If the laptop came with a sound utility, e.g. "Realtek" which produces
    sound hardware has a utility that might be included that can be used to
    diagnose issues with your sound - but HP might have a similar utility that
    was included with your laptop.
    Andrew Murray, May 5, 2010
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  3. five256

    five256 Guest

    Thanks so much. I have updated the sound driver(s) a number of times and
    have not paid attention to the author. I have been using a utility which
    notifies me when my drivers are out of date - and offers updated drivers
    for download. I wasn't aware that there were different authors and not
    to assume MS drivers were good. Actually, I haven't been to the hP site
    yet to see what drivers they have. I have two drivers in the Device
    manager which relate to sound. One is: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.
    The other is Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI. Are they both sound
    drivers or should I only be concerned about one? Thanks!
    five256, May 5, 2010
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