HP Laptop with Vista prints all WEB pages in HTML format; how can fix this? HELP!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Gadgetgurl140, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. My laptop is an HP 6226us laptop with Vista. I also have a stand alone
    HP PC 754n. When I send a print job from the LAPTOP to our Lexmark X4550
    wireless printer everything prints in HTML from the WEB. ALL Web pages
    print in HTML. If I print a document from MS OFFICE it prints just fine
    from the Laptop. When I print anything from the HP PC 754n PC everything
    prints just fine even from the Web!!! It's only when I print something
    from the WEB from the HP 6226us Laptop it will print in HTML. When I'm
    on our stand alone PC everything prints fine!!

    Also, on all the web pages that do print from the laptop at the bottom
    of the page the
    Usually when I print outa webpage the footer would start with
    'HTTP://msn.com' (http://msn.com)

    How do I solve this problem so that the web pages will print normal
    from the Laptop?
    Gadgetgurl140, Jul 9, 2009
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  2. Gadgetgurl140

    Keith Guest

    Have you looked around at all the settings for your printer in the web
    browser Page Setup, print preview and Print? There is something set
    somewhere that tells the printer to print the HTML raw code in your web
    browser printer settings. You should look also in the Lexmark printer
    driver and program settings.

    Here is a HP web site with a solution for IE 7 users:

    Keith, Jul 9, 2009
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