HP OfficeJet 5610 and Photosmart 385 - unable to find a core drive

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Zabetprof, May 28, 2007.

  1. Zabetprof

    Zabetprof Guest

    I have both of the aforementioned printers. According to HPs website, the
    385 drivers are supposed to be included in Windows. However, during the
    device installation, I get the following error:

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while
    attempting to install it:
    Unable to find a core driver package that is required by the printern driver

    I get the same problem with the OJ 5610 although that driver was provided by
    HP. The 5610 scanner was installed correctly.

    How the heck do I find out what is missing so I can fix it?
    Zabetprof, May 28, 2007
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  2. Zabetprof

    freddy Guest


    I did a google search on this problem, and the several cases like this that
    I reviewed were not resolved. I've also noted a few similar situations
    posted on this forum that also were not resolved, as best I can tell from
    what was posted.

    Personally, I have no specific wisdom to impart. A poster on another forum
    stated that he contacted HP who told him that he had a Vista installation
    failure as far as the printer is concerned. But HP had no resolution for the

    I the back of my mind I somehow feel that the problem concerns the .inf file
    for HP printers, but I can't prove it. To explain, hardware must have
    drivers and sometimes other software to work properly. To install drivers
    and related software, Windows searches the related .inf (which stands for
    information) file for information about what to install for that particular

    I looked at the HP .inf file (prnhp001.inf, located in C:\Windows\.inf) in
    my personal computer, but I found no HP Phtosmart 385 included in the file.
    The file contains numerous HP printers and other products, as well as
    considerable other data that I don't understand.

    In any case, I'm no guru in these matters, so someone who know more about
    these matters is welcome to chime in and clarify this situation. My above
    statements are about all I know about it. By the way, my printer, an HP
    Deskjet 5550, was installed by Vista and the printer works properly. I found
    the 5550 in the .inf file, so that's some evidence to support my comments.
    Others may wish to review their prnhp001.inf file to see whether I missed
    freddy, May 28, 2007
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  3. Zabetprof

    huwyngr Guest

    I drew a blank searching it for 385 but photosmart_3 did produce this:

    HPP0380T.GPD_LH.ICM,HPPHOTOSMART_380_SERA4B1,HP_Photosmart_380_Series ;
    Hardware ID "HP Photosmart 420 Series"

    When I did a Google on "HP Photosmart 420 Series" including the quotes one
    of the references was to:

    HP Photosmart 8200 Series Printer Windows driver


    and listed on that page after the details of the driver for the 8200 was:

    Support devices:

    [ ... ]

    Win 2K HP Photosmart 330 Series
    Win Server 2K3 HP Photosmart 330 Series (DOT4USB)
    Win ME HP Photosmart 330 Series (USBHUB)
    Win XP HP Photosmart 330 Series (USBPRINT)
    Win 98SE HP Photosmart 330 Series (USBSTORE)
    Win Server 2K3 HP Photosmart 380 Series
    Win ME HP Photosmart 380 Series (DOT4USB)
    Win 98SE HP Photosmart 380 Series (USBHUB)
    Win ME HP Photosmart 380 Series (USBPRINT)
    Win 98 HP Photosmart 380 Series (USBSTORE)
    Win Server 2K3 HP Photosmart 420
    Win ME HP Photosmart 420 Series
    Win 2K HP Photosmart 420 Series (DOT4USB)
    Win ME HP Photosmart 420 Series (PTP)
    Win Server 2K3 HP Photosmart 420 Series (USBHUB)
    Win 98 HP Photosmart 420 Series (USBPRINT)
    Win ME HP Photosmart 470 Series
    Win ME HP Photosmart 470 Series (DOT4USB)
    Win XP HP Photosmart 470 Series (USBHUB)
    Win Server 2K3 HP Photosmart 470 Series (USBPRINT)
    Win 98 HP Photosmart 470 Series (USBSTORE)

    [ ... ]

    I may be misreading that listing but it seems to imply that the one 8200
    driver will serve a very large list of HP printrs including a bunch of the 4
    x 8 / 5 x 7 in printers that go from PS330 up to PS470

    This would fit in with statements from HP I have seen where they give
    drivers to use when that specifically for a printer does not work.

    ANy thoughts on that and how a HP PS385 printer knows to look for such a
    different inf file?

    OH -- furthere searching inside that file shows that there is:

    HPP0380T.GPD_LH.ICM,HPPHOTOSMART_380_SERA4B1,HP_Photosmart_380_Series ;
    Hardware ID "HP Photosmart 420 Series"

    so the PS 385 should use a PS 420 driver. And the HP website say "in the
    box" for both of those.
    huwyngr, May 29, 2007
  4. Zabetprof

    freddy Guest


    If HP is telling people that Vista will install the driver for their
    printers, but Vista doesn't do that because of some mistake in the .inf file,
    then this issue should be addressed at level higher than this forum. I
    suppose there's a way for this to happen, but I don't know what it is. It
    does little good for this forum to find some possible workaround when the
    Vista printer installer doesn't know about it. This Vista failure to install
    a printer that HP says should be installed is not that uncommon. I've noted
    several posts about this problem in the short time (1 week) that I've been
    visiting this forum. Does anyone know how to bring this to the attention of
    the appropriate level in Microsoft? There must be more to this situation
    than is apparent to us here, I would think. Looking on the Internet, I've
    noted this issue being discussed in other circles as well. But who am I?
    I'm just the 800 pound guerrilla in the room. lol

    freddy, May 29, 2007
  5. Zabetprof

    huwyngr Guest

    We don't know enough to know that the problem is due to a mistake in
    the INF file but in any case my concern is to help people with problem
    since I know I cannot put the world to rights!
    huwyngr, May 29, 2007
  6. Zabetprof

    huwyngr Guest

    What country are you in?

    What regional settings do you have in your computer?

    See the FAQs for the HP Photosmart 385 and this one in particular:

    HP Digital Imaging Products - 'Could Not Find the File Hpzrxxxx.dll or
    Hpfmomxx.hlp on the HP CD' Message Displays in Microsoft Windows During
    Software Installation


    [ ... ]

    << Cause
    This error occurs when the computer is set to a language setting that
    is different from your current country/region.
    The installation software looks at the regional settings of the
    computer to determine which language software to install. Some
    languages will not be included on the CD-ROM, depending on your
    country/region. >>

    Good luck .....
    huwyngr, May 29, 2007
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