HP Officejet 5610

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Adnan, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Adnan

    Adnan Guest

    I using windows vista ultimate. i have installed HP officejet 5610. When i go
    to printer and scanner on control pannel it shows the scanner as installed ,
    but i cannot seem to find the program anywhere. as i in i don't know how to
    start it as i cannot find in my list of installed programs. I also installed
    the driver from HP website . afetr downloading it i tried to run it but it is
    asking me which program to use to run it.

    can somebody help.
    Adnan, Jul 11, 2008
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  2. Have you read the printer's manual? What program does it suggest you open
    for acquiring scans? Did you try Windows Paint or another graphics program
    that you have installed?
    Cari \(MS-MVP\), Jul 12, 2008
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  3. Adnan

    Webner Guest

    I encountered similar problem with the printer I purchased 4 months ago -
    Photosmart C7280. I was not able to install on Windows Vista, Win XP OK. I
    had to endure 4 months and unending and unhelpful help from HP that got me
    no where. The last offer of help from HP is 'format my harddisk and
    reinstall Windows', and gone your data & whatever software you have
    installed on your PC. HP would not resolve for me the issue of installed
    software licences, i.e. whether or not I lost my licenses as the license is
    on a per installation basis. Nothing wrong with my PC or the Windows with
    my PC. So HP wanted me to present them a 'virgin' PC (free of all software
    except Windows Vista) for them to install the printer software. HP claimed
    that 'there are thousand of software out there that can cause problem to the
    installation of HP printer software'. You think so? I think it is just red
    herring, or camouflage for its poor installation software that is not
    robust, that does not provide good error diagnostic messages with
    accompanying automated or manual fixes or solutions. So, after 4 months
    of agony, I continue to be saddled with the problem of a printer in which in
    which the fax software is not working, HP scanner and the all-in-one control
    center software are also not working - an incomplete printer product. HP
    claims nothing with that!

    I believe you and me are not alone. There are probably many others out
    there facing similar dilemnas. Think carefully should you be continously
    offered help from HP. Step by step, you may be led to the offer of the help
    from HP to reformat your harddisk and to uproot all the effort, the data and
    software that you have installed on your PC. This kind of offer of help -
    is it helpful? Or is it to cover up for the inadequacy of HP installation
    software? What kind of help is this? Isn't like saying to install an
    electrical wire in your house, you have to rip up and renovate your whole
    house. So think carefully, whether to accept the 'help' from HP.

    Those who have not bought HP printer & install on Windows Vista, think
    carefully the possibility that you may end up in the situation I am you.
    Better option is that you buy a printer that can work on your existing PC
    and co-exist with the software in the PC, and without the hassle of
    re-formating your PC as required by HP for their 'help' to fully install the
    printer software.
    Webner, Jul 12, 2008
  4. Adnan

    huwyngr Guest

    Did you get the software package from here:


    It should have downloaded as: AIO_CDB_Full_Non-Network_enu.exe (163.07M)

    and as an exe file it should have just run when you double clicked on it. If it
    did not then there is something wrong with the download or your computer!

    Is your USB cable from the printer plugged directly into the USB socket on the
    PC or via a hub? If via a hub, unplug it and plug it directly into a USB socket
    on the back of the PC and see if that solves the problem.

    IMPORTANT -- Did you install the HP software without the USB cable from the
    Printer plugged into the PC? If not you have to do so and you must unplug that
    cable from the PC and clean up all traces of HP Software using Remove Programs,
    delete any icons for the HP device in the Printers and Faxes folder, run Disk
    Clean to clean up and then reboot the computer.

    Then run the downloaded file and do not plug the printer cable in until the
    instructions on screen tell you to or until you reach [Finish].

    Before you do that, unless you did install with the cable plugged in, also
    download from that HP website the Diagnostic Utility, run it and see if it helps
    detect what is wrong.

    I hope this helps.
    huwyngr, Jul 13, 2008
  5. Adnan

    DJT Guest

    I have a similar problem with a HP OJ 6310. I thought that it would
    fax when installed on Vista Home Premium( which has no Fax facility),
    but found ot from HP Support?? that is won't work without Vista
    Business or Utimate.
    Maybe they BS'ing me as you can't get you printer to work with Vista
    Ultimate either

    DJT, Jul 13, 2008
  6. Adnan

    bjr Guest

    Vista Home Premium doesn't have fax software - you need to get Business
    or Ultimate to get the built in MS fax software. You can, however, get
    free fax software on the internet (google for it)that will work with
    Vista Home Premium.
    I have a Canon 530 AIO (copy, scan.print,fax) that I set up with my
    wife's Vista Home Premium computer (fax modem came with the system but
    no fax software). The fax is built in to the AIO and you do NOT need
    separate fax software to fax. RTFM, you push buttons on the AIO. I have
    faxed a 38 page document with it. Like a regular fax machine, you need a
    hard copy to fax something. It even works over Comcast Voice phone service.
    A quick review of your 6310 manual leads me to believe that the 6310 fax
    is built in and works like my 530; i.e. it works like a regular fax
    machine. HP's software may have fax software built in - it doubt it,
    though. I suspect you will have to install the above mentioned software
    if your goal is to fax a document from Vista (use fax software to
    install a fax printer to fax a document via a fax modem - you do have
    one , right?)
    bjr, Jul 13, 2008
  7. Adnan

    DJT Guest

    Thanks for the comments.
    Yes I can fax from the HP OJ 6310 using hardcopy.
    The whole point of buying the 6310 was to be able to fax from Vista.
    There is no indication on the box that it will not work with Vista
    Home Premium.
    I know that I need Vista Business or Ultimate to have built in fax, I
    thought that HP would supply suitable software with AIO to enable it
    to Fax in all versions of Vista. This was where I was apprently
    If I want to fax a document without having to print a hardcopy first I
    send it using my old computer that runs XP

    If the AIO will only Fax within Vista Business or Ultimate I think
    that the information about the printer should have said so before I
    bought it.

    PS the printer came with an offer for a redeemable portable Hard drive
    which I just recieved today, Printer was purchased 4.4.08

    DJT, Jul 14, 2008
  8. Adnan

    bjr Guest

    HP does not create their own software as far as I know but have some
    other party do it for them. I am not surprised if the HP AIO software
    hooks into the MS fax software; hence the need for Ultimate or business.

    Free fax SW-

    BVRP phonetools 9.03 will work in Vista 32. I loaded it on my wife's
    machine. It loads and works with her motorola modem even though it says
    it needs a USRobotics modem

    Colorfax Lite from BlackIce
    (http://www.blackice.com/How to download Colorfax.HTM)
    is also suppose to work with Vista.
    bjr, Jul 14, 2008
  9. Adnan

    Webner Guest

    Yes, agree with you. The AIO software is bundled with HP Photosmart
    All-in-One printer. The software consists of Photosmart and the HP Solution
    Centre. In HP Solution Centre in Windows Vista (whether Home Premium or
    other version of Vista), you can fax, scan, set scan settings, etc). It is
    meant to be easy to use, help in your productivity, enable novice user to
    use the various and important functions and capability of the AIO HP
    printer. The software is bundled with the printer.

    Such kind of software are also available on Brother printer. Brother AIO
    called the software Control Centre. Very useful and easy to use and helps
    in productivty.

    Now from what you described, it seems you are missing out on something which
    is an essential part of the printer that you purchased - the HP Solution
    Centre & probably HP Photosmart software. Why so? If you can tell me the
    symptons on the installation problem, I may be able to throw some light as
    to what you are going through. You may like to know what I have gone
    through after 4 months of 'help' from HP. All the time the 'help' does not
    work. Everytime I remind HP of previous unsuccessful 'help', I subject to
    more doses of 'help'. HP told me if I don't accept the 'help', I cannot be
    'helped' by the HP staff offering the 'help'. So step by step, HP's 'help'
    lead me to the final 'help' offer by HP - reformat my PC and hard-disk! You
    know what that means all the data and software on my PC has to be ripped
    off! And my PC is healthy one - no problem with installing software. HP
    claimed it is due to the thousands of software out in the world! I had only
    had a couple of software installed From my experience of software
    installation and use, almost all software from credible companies can
    installed and be used without problem and with co-existence with other
    software. Sometime there are difficulty, but I was able to resolve them.
    Now and then certain things need to be fixed. The good software companies
    would be able to point you to the right solution. For example, some years
    back, Symantec guided me to fix the windows registry to solve certain
    problem when I reported the specific error diagnostic message generated by
    Symantec software, and it worked. With HP and the all-in-one Photosmart
    printer C7280, I am getting no where, and the problem remains and HP refuse
    to solve the problem, wanting me instead to allow HP to re-format the PC
    which is unacceptable to me.

    If you are facing the similar type of problem, do let me know.
    Webner, Jul 14, 2008
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