hp vista 64 recovery error 1002

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by deck60, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. deck60

    deck60 Guest

    i had a problem and used the reinstall disks and it went all the way
    through and on disk 3 it came up with error 1002 contact hp if this
    problem continues if i take out the dvd and let it boot it has a boot
    error i think it wiped my hd clean but not sure if i try the boot on
    the hd using the recovery then it brings this error imedatley upon
    loading why cant they give you a real vista disk I have only had it a
    week and it seems to be dead should i take it back or what I am
    begining to hate vista
    deck60, Apr 13, 2009
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  2. deck60

    Chad Harris Guest

    Deck 60--

    If the above two options I gave you don't work, then restart your pc and try
    the options at the Windows Advanced Options Screen after tapping F8 once per
    second at the bios splash (or firmware) screen.

    Run System Restore at each of these locations on that menu:

    1) Safe Mode
    2) Safe Mode with Networking
    3) Safe Mode with Command typing %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe
    at the command prompt.

    If none of these 3 work for System Restore (which will not lose your
    settings or anything else except shortcuts since the restore point, hotfixes
    since the restore point, or applications installed since the restore point
    (and it often does not), then click the Last Known Good Configuration there
    and give it a shot.

    The F8 menu looks like this:


    Directions on how to use it are here:

    Good luck and let me know what happened,

    Chad Harris, Apr 13, 2009
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  3. deck60

    Chad Harris Guest


    I should have made the point that if the Repair my computer option does not
    work, you can try system restore from there. I've seen System Restore work
    from Startup Repair and not work from F8, and I've seen it work from F8's
    menu and not work from Startup Repair.

    I've also seen System Restore work from running it in Windows when it will
    boot, and I've seen it work from the above locations when you can boot to
    windows and SR won't work from Windows.

    Bottom line: If you want to maximize your chances of fixing Vista, and
    neither Startup Repair or the bootrec commands I gave you to run from the
    command prompt after booting from the DVD to Repair Options works, then try
    System Restore from every available location before giving up.

    Good luck,

    Chad Harris, Apr 13, 2009
  4. deck60

    Malke Guest

    This is not a Vista issue. If you got an error using the recovery disks then
    either the recovery disks are faulty or the hardware in the computer is
    faulty. This has nothing to do with Vista.

    Contact HP tech support.

    Malke, Apr 13, 2009
  5. deck60

    RalfG Guest

    Did you try using the recovery partition that is on the hard drive? Beyond
    that, don't waste any more of your time trying to fix a computer that is
    still under warranty. Take it back for exchange at the place you bought it
    or contact HP support.
    RalfG, Apr 13, 2009
  6. deck60

    Chad Harris Guest


    Since several teams worked to create repair methods that the OP has
    available from within Vista or can download from the link below that are
    infinitely better than the crap repair partition and the crap recovery disc
    OEM providers like HP have. The OP already used the crappy HP recovery
    disc, and as always they struck oput. I'm intrigued by your logic that HP's
    recovery methods are superior to Microsoft's teams recovery methods,
    particularly when they are made by people paid serveral times as much as the
    HP drones with several times the computer science engineering training. You
    care to elaborate on the surrealistic logic of your admonition not to waste
    time on them?

    We get posts on the time on this group that people have tried OEM Recovery
    discs and OEM recovery partitions and they have gone nowhere with them.
    That's why they're here. Telling them not to waste time with Microsoft's
    far superior repair modalities is like a doctor telling a sick patient not
    to waste time with medical modalities and go back to their mother for help.
    Why would you do that? Why would you ignore the obvious advantage of a
    Microsoft disc with Startup Repair on it or the options Microsoft has
    provided in Vista and Windows 7 and the F8 Win Advanced Options Menu? I'm
    intrigued why you think what Microsoft's engineers have made to fix the OS
    is a waste of time but the completely piece of crap OEM recovery discs and
    partitions are the way to go.

    You have your priorities reversed. Microsoft mades the best code/bits to
    fix a Windows OS, and that's precisely why Microsoft has chosen to put these
    modalities right INTO VISTA. You've come here to give the advise to ignore
    them. That's consumately ignorant.

    1) Windows Advanced Options Menu to fix just this situation
    2) A startup repair disc available *in the Vista Operating System made by
    Microsoft* for just this purpose to allow the use of 3 major modalities
    a) Startup Repair
    b) Bootrec and other commands at the command prompt that work very well in
    fixing situations like these
    c) System Restore from the Repair Disc that Microsoft allows users to make
    from the Vista OS

    This is a screenshot of the two ways to do this:


    Windows Vista Recovery Disc from Microsoft included in Vista SP1 and later
    (Vista Startup Repair .iso Download)


    Chad Harris, Apr 14, 2009
  7. deck60

    Chad Harris Guest


    Even if the OEM partition or piece of crap recovery disc were successful, it
    would lose all of the OP's settings, documents, pics, music, and things of
    value to the OP. It would restore to factory settings.

    In contrast the Microsoft tools that they chose to put into Vista SP1, Vista
    SP2, and now Windows 7 give them several options to fix the OS and bring it
    back to the way they had it restoring all their docs, settings, music, pics,
    movies, etc.

    Why would you urge them to go for an OEM partition or recovery disc that
    would destroy all of these in the rare event it works?

    Is your logic that losing all of the above is a good thing for the original
    poster? Is your logic that a few minutes to get them all back is "a waste
    of time.?"

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you elaborate as to how what an HP
    recovery partition or OEM recovery disc does is superior to what the
    Microsoft Win RE team created for fixing the Windows OS. I thought it was
    Microsoft that made the Windows OS and Microsoft that has the concentration
    of expertise on fixing it. That seems to be why MSFT put the ability to fix
    it into all operating system builds/and versions they made after Vista SP1
    through Win 7 RTM.

    This is the ability to access Microsoft's tools built right into Windows
    Vista SP1.


    I'm looking forward to hearing your logic that using Startup Repair, the
    bootreec commands, or System Restore from Startup Repair, or the 4 options
    at the Windows Advanced Options Menu accessed by tapping the F8 key are a
    complete waste of time. This should be entertaining.

    I'm also looking forward to hearing the logic as to why you want the OP to
    loose their settings, documents, files, folders, pics, music ripped and
    downloaded, that may have taken them years to accumulate.

    Although we all encourage everyone to backup, many of them haven't backed
    up. Additionally many of the backup modalities aren't working for these
    people and they post just that daily here.

    Chad Harris, Apr 14, 2009
  8. deck60

    Chad Harris Guest


    I'm curious as to why you'd say that fixing Vista is not a Vista issue.
    Microsoft strongly disagrees with you which is why they built the ability to
    get the exact same bits as on the Vista DVD into every version of the
    Windows OS after Vista SP1 including Vista SP2 whose distribution is
    iminent, and Windows 7 RC1 whose public distribution is just around the
    corner as well as Windows 7 RTM.

    What you meant to say is that

    Malkesoft claims repairing the OS is not a Vista issue but

    Microsoft has stated emphatically it is a Vista issue by directing their Win
    RE teams and the storage teams associated with Startup Repair and System
    Restore to build it right into the Microsoft Operating System called Vista.

    Do you perhaps have a link to the Malkesoft Operating System you make where
    you allege repairing and saving your pics, docs, settings, music, videos, is
    not an issue?

    Chad Harris, Apr 14, 2009
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