HTTP Mail to be or NOT to be: Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail Desktop

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Jake, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Jake

    Jake Guest

    Running Vista RC1

    I can't figure out Microsoft's strategy with offering eMail,Calendaring,
    and contact management services with Vista and/or Live. There appears to
    be no direction or even much thought into what a Windows user/Microsoft
    customer would want.

    Ideally it would be nice to have an integrated solution that includes
    Contacts, Email, and Calendar... I don't expect all the features
    included with Microsoft Outlook but it would be nice to get some basic
    functionality that makes sense and is useful and could be synched or
    otherwise available online from wherever one needs it.

    Mail Clients
    Both these products seem to be some sort of revamp of Outlook Express
    with very different feature sets.

    Windows Mail -
    It seems it doesn't support HTTP mail (Hotmail) any longer... W h y ?
    Utilizes Windows Contacts
    Doesn't integrate with Windows Calendar..

    Windows Live Mail Desktop -
    Supports HTTP mail (Hotmail &
    Doesn't utilize Windows Contacts (Contacts are stored online)
    Doesn't integrate with Windows Calendar (Events stored online)

    Calendar Clients:
    Vista comes with Windows calendar. It looks sweet and I would be glad
    to use it too since reminders are not email based.

    Windows Calendar
    Locally stored
    Reminders utilize pop-up windows
    Integrates with Windows Contacts.

    Windows Live Mail Desktop
    Web based calendar
    Uses email as vehicle for reminders
    No integration with Windows Contacts

    Why can't customers in 2007 get a better built-in (included in the box
    with Vista) solution for managing basic email, contacts, calendar
    events and reminders ?

    Reminders via email are only 50% useful.. When not checking email -
    there's no "reminder". Once viewed it's done. You don't get another
    reminder in x minutes.. I need reminders to be IN MY FACE and repeat
    periodically until I dismiss them..

    HTTP, Web based, IMAP email.. Isn't this the trend? Why would HTTP mail
    be removed from Windows Mail then?

    Contacts should be stored online so they're accessible from anywhere and
    should be available to both Hotmail/Live accounts as well as local
    Windows Mail clients. They should be synched.

    The Calendar, Email Client, and Contacts should all have the capability
    to run either as services or minimized as system tray applets so that
    they're available all the time to check/send email, deliver reminders,
    schedule events, look up addresses, etc..

    I find the current mix of products and services from Microsoft to be
    highly confusing and fails to fulfill my needs with either of their

    The local solution (Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, Windows Contacts)
    comes up short:

    No HTTP or Hotmail or Live Mail support.
    Calendar must be running in order to get reminders and therefore sits at
    the bottom as a minimized program all the time.

    The Online solution (Windows Live Mail Desktop) also comes up short.

    It can't utilize your Windows Contacts
    No pop-up reminders
    Jake, Nov 15, 2006
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  2. I completely agree with you. I've been using OE with Hotmail accounts, as
    well as POP3 and IMAP for nearly a decade, and now I am looking for
    alternatives to WM. It looks like the WM development team have left this
    half-finished and down-featured pile of crap to work on WLMD (which is an
    awful program).

    There are a few bugs in WM that are really annoying me. I'm only using it
    at the moment for these Vista NG's and not for mail or any other usenet use.
    The status bar doesn't work properly, the send/receive button doesn't work,
    and it highlights posts as you navigate between folders, as well as having
    other annoying new features.

    The fact that Hotmail accounts are no longer supported is the worst of all.
    It really should have been totally integrated with Live Mail and Live
    Messenger, for IM, email and Contacts. It could have been a really nice
    way to read RSS feeds and have them deleted once read. As it is the WLMD
    was is appalling, and the IE7 way doesn't delete read feeds.

    The terrible skinned interface and the adverts in WLMD make it totally
    unusable for me, and I am probably going to (very reluctantly) move to
    Thunderbird, and I'm sure many others will. There is an addon for
    Thunderbird that allows interface with Microsoft's own Hotmail accounts now.

    I am going to continue to moan in this newsgroup in the vain attempt of
    having something done about this travesty.

    Synapse Syndrome, Nov 16, 2006
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  3. Jake

    Tom Koch Guest

    Good luck. I did more than moan for 9 years in direct, face-to-face discussions
    with MS, in my attempt to get them to fix problems in Outlook Express. I find
    Windows Mail *extremely* disappointing. But Windows Live Mail Desktop is at
    _best_ an abysmal abomination.
    Tom Koch, Nov 16, 2006
  4. Yeah, but people in Vista are complaining they can't delete messages, rather
    than as in previous OS's that they lost their messages. That's a big
    improvement. <G>


    Steve Cochran, Nov 17, 2006
  5. Jake

    Jeppe Guest

    Ditto. I have used Hotmail since whatever, and I am very disappointed at
    MS decision to drop it's support from WM.

    WLMD is horrible because it doesn't integrate into anything.

    When RC1 came and I started using solely Vista at home, I struggled a
    while with WM and then switched to Thunderbird. It's not perfect, but
    atleast with addons I have most of the things I want supported.
    Including hotmail.
    Jeppe, Nov 20, 2006
  6. Jake

    Jake Guest

    It doesn't make sense to me.. Why spend the resources on developing and
    maintaining two different consumer email products ? Why can't a single
    solution be created - call it Microsoft Mail or whatever.. integrate it
    with Hotmail/Live mail and give consumers the features that they've been
    clamoring for for years.. Heck, build this product and sell it for
    $39.95 a copy...

    Email is and will continue to move towards the web.. Afterall, MSFT
    itself promotes the concept of "the cloud" where data will be stored..
    Well .. I want my email, contacts, and calendar events IN THE CLOUD and
    I want them accesible from wherever I am. I want a local/client based
    app that I can manage and maintain it all with, making contact and
    calendar changes locally and having those replicated to the cloud.. .
    Afterall I use ONE PC most of the time and I like the performance and
    uniqueness of a separate email client as opposed to just another browser
    window opened up all the time to hotmail, or some other web based email
    service.. I won't use such a browser based email client. I want
    reminders to come out of the cloud and hit me like a lightening bolt..
    (well maybe not that hard) ,,, I want all this 5 years ago, not 5
    years from now..

    So far I've not been convinced to upgrade to Vista.. However, a solid,
    reliable, easily accesible and managable email/contacts/calendar system
    is SO IMPORTANT to me that I would without question upgrade to Vista
    Premium for this capability alone. What I see now is a hodgepoge of
    features scattered about using different methodologies that's confusing,
    unappealing, and downright of little value.. So I'm going to stay with
    XP .. I see no reason to switch at this time..

    Why is this such a big deal that it hasn't been done yet?
    Is it an anti-trust issue?
    Is it perhaps a lack of vision?
    Is it primarily a profit driven issue where creating such a program may
    compete with Outlook with it's exclusive exchange connectivity? I doubt
    Is it a lack of ....(deep breath).. i n n o v a t i o n ?

    Outlook is a fine product but it is afterall geared more to the business
    market and exchange connectibity.. Consumers want this kind of
    functionality also though and it's time someone delivers it. The first
    imap based email service provider that develops their own local PC based
    client that offers all these features will get my business. I'd pay
    more than $20 per year for this service and capability.

    Microsoft has a golden opportunity to uniquely create and offer a
    feature rich email product for consumers with fantastic services and
    functionality that I'm sure would be wildly successful and take years
    for competitors to catch up with.. Yet they're stumbling along with no
    apparent direction whatsoever building multiple consumer products that
    come up short in so many essential features but overlap each other with
    ordinary and common features ..... creating a huge amount of confusion
    and frustration..

    I'll keep an eye on Thunderbird but as long as it lacks an integrated
    calendar I'm going to sit on the sidelines.. I'll definately get it
    when it's ready.
    Jake, Nov 21, 2006


    Synapse Syndrome, Nov 21, 2006
  8. Jake

    Jake Guest

    I knew about that. It's too complicated to get installed. Few people use
    it, and it's not really an integral part of the product. It's still half-
    baked but a good idea and I absolutely hope to see it evolve into a decent
    competitor to Outlook.. When it becomes easier to install and try out,
    I'll take another look at it..
    Jake, Nov 22, 2006
  9. Jake


    Oct 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You know what's hilarious, if you have a mac (and now is a great time to jump ship if you've been thinking about it. . .) you can easily configure mac mail or Entourage (microsoft's own product) to access hotmail.

    Heck, they ported itunes to windows, maybe they'll port one of those!
    bubbab, Oct 18, 2008
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