Hughes HIRD-E8 (SAT, ATSC and NTSC) Can't access sub-channels via

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Mercury500, May 31, 2005.

  1. Mercury500

    Mercury500 Guest

    This is an OTA HDTV set-top box control issue. Not an HDTV issue.

    This box, and some others, receive both over the air (OTA) ATSC (HDTV) and
    NTSC (analog tv) signals as well as the Sat signals from DirecTV.

    Local digital (HDTV) signals on this receiver are selected, and are denoted
    by a "dash" like this: Channel 5, sub-channel 1 is "5-1", sub-channel 2 is
    "5-2" etc. (from the multiple channels Digital TV streams can have) I believe
    some receivers use a "." instead of a dash, like this "5.1".

    On the Directv remote you press 5 and then the ALPHA button (for the dash)
    and then the 1 and enter. This selects Digital TV channel 5-1.

    If you push only "5", it will go to the analog (VHF) reception which is
    extremely poor for most stations. (I don't receive local channels from
    Directv) and changing (edit)it does not help. I cannot input a dash, even
    from the keyboard, in the edit channels configuration.

    What I need is the ability to place the dash in the channel number via the
    edit (or built in to the set-top box code) so that I can edit the local
    digital TV channels in the guide, for instance:

    Los Angeles
    KABC-DT to "7-1"
    KCET-DT to "28-1" or "28-2" or "28-3"

    What I have is:

    DTV receiver HIRD-E8 - setup to receive local OTA digital signals INTO the
    MCE via SVID and audio cables controlled by IR.

    The Guide has the channels (if I select satellite during setup, but then no
    sub-channels) and the IR can control the box. But, I can't get it to tune to
    sub-channels. I need some way to access the digital controls screens for this

    I know MCE can tune digital sub-channels. I just need to be able to get it
    to do this even though the receiver is coming thru via SVID and controlled
    via the IR.

    Mercury500, May 31, 2005
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