I believe I have a tombstoned domain, by what the event log showed me.

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by msnews.microsoft.com, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    Before I go and describe what I did to create my situation. I would like
    to state what I am looking for, concerning replies. And thank you ahead of
    time for replies. Ok, I have all the m.s. kbs about what 'exactly' to do,
    but what, I am looking for is something like a broken down procedure, say,
    all of the intricate steps (step this then do this) into what would
    hopefully be < 1-3 commands i.e. dcpromo /forceremove ... or some other
    support tool(dcdiag, rep*, netdiag, etc... Ultimately, my major concern(s)
    is me going through a kb article and then running some command incorrectly
    and then efin up my boss's functioning network. I am looking for the steps
    that some professional would take to rectify this problem. Like winning a
    surgery and minimizing scars.

    This is what I did, I installed & setup a 4th m.s. 2003 server. This server
    was / is to become my domain controller, to be located at an off-site
    office. However, I never set it up right. I messed up the a.d. Sites &
    services (configuration parameters). I was never able to properly have
    replication between that 4th d.c. at the satellite office and my office's 3
    d.c. servers. These three servers at my office where my root core a.d.
    servers with them having the "fsmos" amongst the three. DNS is running on
    all d.c. even the sat's office,. I do recall some of the errors, they had to
    do with 'no' proper dns resolution between d.c. of the sites. I am able to
    remotely control (dameware) that d.c. but my replication of the a.d. never
    worked. I believe my d.c. is 'tombstoned'. I am at the mercy of the guru's.
    What to do?

    FYI, my A.d. environment is also a functioning 2003 exchange environment.
    Exchange 2003 is working, it is on one of the three servers

    If I missed anything please let me know, I'll reply back quickly.

    Joey S.
    msnews.microsoft.com, Dec 29, 2004
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  2. msnews.microsoft.com

    Herb Martin Guest

    To start: Make a backup.

    Then wonder why you would trust someone's casually
    typed in comments -- which are usually quite good here
    -- over the well-thought out and usually correct, complete
    and vetted KB articles....

    What you should probably be looking for here are the
    KEY steps and the critical mistakes to avoid -- but that
    is just my opinion.
    Again, the problem with that is we do must of it without
    thinking -- or just hit help and hack our way through it
    quite frequently. We know where we are going and those
    key points above....

    [After reading the whole thing: We cannot even be sure
    where you are currently but will offer some ideas for you
    to try/confirm.]
    Tombstoned? That term means something related to
    deleted items that have not yet been purged -- but in
    this context we can only guess what you mean:

    What are you actual current problems or symptoms?

    The following guesses are based on:

    1) You said tombstoned domain
    2) You said (another place) tombstoned DC
    3) You indicated using FORCEREMOVAL

    GUESS: You have a deleted domain where all the DCs
    are gone but the domain is still apparent in AD (as part
    of the forest.)

    Second GUESS: Same thing but it is just an improperly
    removed DC?

    Answer for these is NTDSUtil.exe using "metadata cleanup".

    Google for:
    [ NTDSUtil.exe "metadata cleanup" remove dc domain ]

    ....and you will get step by step help -- it is easy but tedious.

    Key: You CONNECT to a working DC to do the job, and
    then you SELECT the broken/missing DC or Domain to
    be removed.
    Herb Martin, Dec 29, 2004
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