I can not figure out why?

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Peter, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Hi all,

    I have two windows 2000 DCs and two Windows 2003 DCs. I only changed all
    workstations new DNS to point the new DNS through the DHCP server on the
    windows 2003. I did not change memeber servers' DNS entries and they still
    use Windows 2000 DNS as I did not demote the Win2K DCs. But, when I took
    down the any one of these DCs, the emails are stucked in the Messages waiting
    directory lookup quenue. I can not figure out why as every DC is GC.

    Can anyone help?

    Peter, Jul 5, 2006
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  2. In
    In the ESM, Exchange server properties, Dir Access tab, what GCs is it

    Any Event log errors on any server (DCs or Exchange)?

    There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to upgrading the domain
    and remaining in a mixed 2000/2003 domain environment. First, you would want
    to move the DNM (Domain Name Master role) to one of the 2003 DCs. But then
    the GC should be on the DNM, so make it a GC (seems you already have all of
    them GCs anyway). I would also move the Schema Master to it as well. As for
    DNS, you must be careful when selecting the new servers to be DNS servers.
    The recommendation is to just install DNS on the new servers. If the zone is
    already AD Integrated, the zone will then (some say 'magically' appear)
    autopopulate into the 2003 DCs.

    If you go and manually create the zone on the DC/DNS servers, then we have a
    little problem. One of two things can happen. If you create the zone, and
    select AD Integration and under the replication scope, select the middle
    button, it puts it into one of the new containers called the DomainDnsZones,
    which 2000 does not understand. THis will cause a duplicate zone issue.

    If you create the zone, and select the bottom button, the it puts it in the
    DomainNC (where 2000 stores an AD integrated zone). Fine, but the problem is
    you just told it there's now another zone in the DomainNC wiht the same
    name, hence another duplicate issue.

    So, to summarize, I am not sure exactly what you did or how you went about
    creating/installing DNS on the new DCs. Obviously the steps taken will have
    a factor. The availability of the zone will dicatate whether Exchange (or
    anything else) can use it or not, to find AD resources and locations.

    On the other hand, if the zones are ok and created properly, we can ignore
    the dupe issue. To find out if you have any issues with zone dupes, you can
    use ADSI Edit to look at the zone properties. If any of them have a "CNF..."
    (conflict) prefix, then that's a dupe. Check this article out on how to look
    for this:

    kbAlertz- (867464) - Explains how to use ADSI Edit to resolve app partitions

    If that exists, I can provide some steps to help fix it.


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